Paris, although not that big of a city, can seem overwhelming on a first visit, especially with the many metro lines. This article explains everything you need to know about Paris' public transport fees, and how to use public transport in Paris. Learn how to take the bus in Paris, take the metro in Paris, and even how to buy a Paris Navigo pass

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The Navigo Découverte, used by many Parisians throughout the city, is the best way to travel unlimitedly around the city! For only 22.15€ per week or 73€ per month, this rechargeable pass is the best way to never have to worry about getting around and travel to all parts of the city! This pass covers taking the bus, taking the metro, taking the RER and even your fare to the airports and Versailles! It also covers many other places, so read all about day trips using the Navigo Découverte!

While this pass is the best option, there is a bit of information that you need to know. While the past pasts for a week or a month, it only lasts from Monday-Sunday night (as a week) and for the entire calendar month (i.e for March not just 30 days from when you bought it). However you can load your pass in advance for the upcoming week, and upcoming month. 

The pass can be purchased at any metro station or at Terminal 3 of CDG airport. The card itself costs 5€, and you must also have a passport sized image with you to add to it. If you don't have any with you, do not worry- there are photo booths in many metro stations! 

The Navigo Découverte pass can be recharged for every visit to Paris, so it is really a great bargain and investment! 


You may also purchase Tourist Passes, for the same service as a Navigo Découverte pass. However these passes are often much more expensive, so it is best to buy the Navigo Découverte pass for a week or a month! 


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With metro+ tickets, you can use the metro, bus and RER lines within Paris for 1.90€ per Paris metro ticket or journey. However you can also buy a reduced book of 10 or 20 tickets, for 14.50€ or 29€ respectively. These small individual tickets can be bought at all metro ticket counters or machines and are very useful for single journeys within zone 1 of Paris. These are also reduced prices for children under 10 years old at 7.25€ for a book of 10 tickets. 

These tickets do not cover travel to Versailles or the airports for example as they are outside zone 1 of Paris. To travel to Versailles and Disney you simply select the destination and purchase your ticket at metro station ticket machines. As you can deduce, the Navigo Decouverte pass is the best way to travel all over without having to keep spending money on tickets! 


While navigating public transport in Paris can be difficult, you can also get lost on the streets! With our INSIDR phone, you will have access to pre-loaded maps and apps such as CITYMAPPER to help you get to where you need to go easily.