The FIAC, or International Contemporary Art Fair, is Paris' largest annual art fair. Every October in Paris for 4 days, the city hosts the FIAC which allows galleries in Paris and beyond to display selected works by contemporary artists to the public in hopes of making sales and attracting viewers' attention. Collectors and contemporary art-lovers from all over the world fly into Paris just for this specific event, and if you're in Paris and want to experience the excitement and be a part of the event yourself, here's what you need to know. 


Why visit the FIAC? 

 Photo credit: Twitter @galerieperrotin

Photo credit: Twitter @galerieperrotin

Although the FIAC's main purpose is to sell to art collectors and other affluent buyers, the galleries that exhibit their works range from mega (high-price) galleries to mid-level (affordable) galleries. If you are looking to buy a work of art at a lower cost, it can still be done at the FIAC. It is important to note that the FIAC is not a flea market but rather an established art fair, so prices for lower-priced works will still range from about 2,500€-4,000€. Ultimately, the main reason to visit the FIAC is because of the transformation of the Grand Palais, which turns into a massive museum where you can walk amongst many different artist's works in the contemporary art market in one space. Some of the most famous and renowned Parisian galleries that will be exhibited at the FIAC are Galerie Max Hetzler as well as Galerie Perrotin (although also in New York, Hong Kong and Séoul). 

How to visit the FIAC? 

There are two different ways you can visit the FIAC: via a guided tour or on your own. If you want a guided tour of the FIAC and are interested in learning more about contemporary art and its market, you can purchase a ticket and guided tour package on the FIAC website. Upon this selection you may choose exactly which day you want to visit the FIAC. The price for a tour is about 28€ more in addition to your admission into the FIAC. However if you don't want a guided tour it is perfectly acceptable to wander the art fair yourself, and you can even purchase your own ticket online. 

Tours run every hour on the hour from 2pm-6pm, Thursday October 19nd-Sunday October 22rd

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Where is the FIAC: 

Grand Palais: The Grand Palais is where the bulk of the FIAC occurs and where all of the gallery booths are exhibited. You must purchase a ticket in order to enter this space. 

Entrance: Avenue Winston Churchill, 75008 Paris

Ticket prices: Full price 37€, Reduced 20€, Children FREE, Day Pass + catalogue 60€

Hours: Thursday October 20nd-Sunday October 23rd 12pm-8pm, Friday 21st until 10pm

Petit Palais: The Petit Palais is where the "on site" portion of the FIAC will take place. In this space there will be sculptures and installations, and admission is free! This is a fun place to visit if you are more interested in taking in some unique artistic productions and less interested in viewing the more traditional paintings in the gallery space at the Grand Palais. 

Entrance: Avenue Winston Churchill, 75008 Paris

Hours: Wednesday October 19th-Sunday October 23rd 10am-6pm, Wednesday + Friday until 10pm

Hors Les Murs: Hors Les Murs are outdoor artistic exhibition spaces that are comprised of installations, performances and sound pieces amongst others that are held around Paris in the Jardin des Tuleries, Place Vendôme and the Musée National Eugène-Delacroix. These exhibition spaces are open pretty much all day and free to the public. If you are looking to experience the FIAC but not miss any inch of Paris along the way, head to these spaces to see some installations and then continue on your day! 

Jardin des Tuleries: Free access everyday 7:30am-7:30pm

Place Vendôme: Free access everyday

Musée National Eugène-Delacroix: Open everyday of the FIAC 9:30am-5:30pm, free with a purchased FIAC ticket

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Le "OFF" de la FIAC: 

Finally, there are also events that occur during the FIAC that are not officially a part of the FIAC event, but rather associated with it and contemporary art, known as the "off" of the FIAC. There are often digital art exhibitions, shows involving fashion and works displayed by young artists. If nothing else, le "OFF" de la FIAC proves how dominant the FIAC is in Paris during its designated 4 days as the contemporary art world will not only be formally presenting artists' works in the contained exhibition spaces but also throughout the city, and contemporary art from new perspectives. 

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