While many cocktail bars and restaurants in Paris can be considered cozy, special and even romantic, we have narrowed down our favorite bars and restaurants with the most romantic atmospheres for you to choose from when organizing and booking a romantic evening in Paris. 


Whether you are looking to stick to a budget for this special evening or willing to pay a bit more for a meal with an extra special atmosphere, our comprehensive guide covers all price points and types of restaurants. Read on...


 Photo credit:  messynessychic.com

Photo credit: messynessychic.com

For the best Italian food in Paris in a very small, darkly-lit and almost hidden restaurant, reserve a table in advance at Pastavino for this Valentine's Day! Their pasta dishes range from 19-29€, and their antipasti and desserts can be enjoyed for under 15€. For an upscale dining experience with delicious and fresh Italian dishes without breaking the bank, call and book a table at Pastavino. 

18 rue de Buci, 6th arrondissement


While only a bit bigger than Pastavino, the cozy environment in Ellsworth, a near-hidden restaurant in the 1st arrondissement, makes for a perfect date night. Ellsworth's dishes are nearly all meant for sharing, allowing you and your loved one to split and taste many different dishes all made with fresh local ingredients. Desserts are all under 10€, and the small dishes range from 9-29€ depending on your taste. The restaurant recommends about 3-4 small dishes per two people to share, making Ellsworth a great option for a romantic dinner in Paris without having to pay over 100€. Reservations can be made on their website.  

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34 rue de Richelieu, 1st arrondissement


Tucked away on a side street near the Eiffel Tower in the 7th arrondissement, Pottoka is a gourmet gem serving Basque cuisine. While it is a bit more expensive than the surrounding French cafés and restaurants in the area, you will soon understand that it will end up being good value for your money after trying the food. It also has an excellent wine selection! Once again, the atmosphere in this restaurant is cozy but also very tight. Due to its small size, recommendations must be made in advance. 

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 4 rue de l'Exposition, 7th arrondissement 


 Photo credit:  en.parisinfo.com

Photo credit: en.parisinfo.com

Serving classical French dishes at the top of the Palais Chaillot at Trocadéro, Café de l'Homme has one of the best views of the Eiffel Tower. It also has excellent dishes and a fancy interior design.

17 Place du Trocadéro et du 11 Novembre, 16th arrondissement


 Photo credit:  terrass-hotel.com

Photo credit: terrass-hotel.com

For another excellent restaurant with views of the Eiffel Tower, you can go to the Terrass Hotel in Montmartre. The restaurant at the Terrass Hotel serves delicious modern French cuisine, with a side of a panoramic view of Paris.  

12-14 rue Joseph de Maistre, 18th arrondissement


Photo credit: lesamisdelapero.fr                                                                       Photo credit: 30smagazine.com

If you are looking for a off-the-beaten path cocktail experience in Paris for this romantic night, look no further! We have gathered all the hidden cocktail bars in our article, that you can read all about by clicking here!  Join in with the Parisians and enjoy a romantic drink out.