When arriving in Paris, the many forms of public transport systems can seem extremely daunting and confusing. However this article will explain everything you need to know about how to effectively travel between Paris and the airport, travel within Paris, and even how to purchase tickets. 



When traveling within Paris, the best way to go is by the public metro system! A Paris metro ticket cost 1.90€ and it can take you very far very quickly. To reduce the fare of this already inexpensive ticket some more, at metro stations instead of buying a single ticket you can buy 'carnets' of 10 tickets for 14.50€ or 20 tickets for 29€. These tickets work for a single metro ride, including a switch within the station, and one bus ride. Additionally, there is a special reduced price for children under 10 years old at 7.25€ for 10 tickets. These tickets can be used throughout Paris in zone 1, which excludes Versailles and Disneyland. 

When traveling a bit outside of Paris, to Versailles or Disneyland for example, you will take the RER train system which requires a separate ticket that can still be easily purchased at metro stations. On the machines within metro stations you will simply choose your destination and purchase the ticket for where you would like to go! 

 Photo credit:  thelocal.fr

Photo credit: thelocal.fr


Our biggest INSIDR hack is something all the Parisian's use - The Navigo Découverte. This pass is extremely useful if you are planing to travel around Paris by metro or bus a lot and is  the cheapest way to get around the city. This pass costs 22.15€ for one week, Monday- Sunday night, or 73€ for one month. However this pass will cover your transportation to the airport (which normally costs 10€ a ticket) and a trip out to Versailles. Checkout where you can travel from Paris in a day using the Navigo Découverte! 

It is very simple to get a Navigo Decouverte, you can purchase them in any metro station's information desk and at Terminal 3 of CDG airport. The card itself costs 5€, and then you can load it on the ticket machines for either one week or one month. Also, you will need to write your name on the back and add a small passport size photo. No need to bring one from home as many Parisian metro stops have photo booths where you can take many for 5€.

 Photo credit:  ratp.fr

Photo credit: ratp.fr


Paris Tourist Passes allow you to travel the same way you would with a Navigo Découverte, with ease and unlimitedly for a set period of time. However these passes are usually much more expensive than the Navigo Decouverte. 

 Photo credit:  ratp.fr

Photo credit: ratp.fr


To review the public transport fares: 

A 'carnet' of tickets costs 14.50€ for 10 tickets or 29€ for 20 tickets. 

A 'carnet' of tickets for children under 10 years old costs 7.25€ for 10 tickets. 

The Navigo Découverte for one week is 27.15€ if you bring a passport sized photo with you, or 32.15€ if you take one in Paris. You can reload this card as well, if you keep it for you next vacation in Paris! 

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INSIDR Paris smartphone

The best way to travel within and around Paris without any worries is to rent our INSIDR smartphone, pre-loaded with the apps and cellular data that is needed to use the public transport system. The absolute best app to get around Paris, using the bus, metro and RER, is citymapper. This app will come pre-loaded on your INSIDR smartphone to help you not only get to the Tour Eiffel but also back to your accommodation.  One of the best parts of the app is also that it will tell you which transport mode will get you where you need to go the quickest, to maximize your time in Paris, and even which car of the metro to get in! 


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