Although taking the bus in Paris, taking the metro in Paris, and purchasing transport tickets can seem daunting at first, after reading this article you will be able to travel within Paris with ease and without any worries! Read on to learn about Paris' public transport and Paris' public transport fares. 

However if you are looking for information on how to travel to the Paris airports via public transportation, read this article instead. 

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The Navigo Découverte pass is the cheapest and easiest way to travel from the Paris airports, around the city center and even out to different sites outside of Paris. It costs only 22.8€ per week or 75.2€ per month and is even rechargeable for every time you come back to Paris! As mentioned, it covers travel to many sites outside of Paris, such as Versailles. Read all about day trips using the Navigo Découverte

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The "fine print" of the Navigo Decouverte Pass is that while it is valid for either a week or month, it only lasts the calendar weeks and months. This means that when you charge it for one week, it lasts from Monday-Sunday night and for the calendar month of April for example, not 30 days after your purchase. Also, the card itself comes 5€ and you will need a passport sized photo of yourself to add onto the back, along with writing your name. There are photo booths in most metro stations for you to take your picture while in Paris if you don't bring one with you. 


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To help you travel around Paris, the best way is to be connected to internet to use maps! Our INSIDR phone is loaded with the best app to navigate the public transportation system: CITYMAPPER. This app will tell you the fastest way to get anywhere in the city, including back to your "home" in Paris which we will configure for you before giving you the smartphone! 


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Using the metro, busses or RER in Paris can be also accessible by using single tickets at only 1.90€ per Paris metro ticket. With this type of ticket you can also by books or a 'carnet' of tickets. 10 tickets can be bought for a reduced price of 14.50€ and a book of 20 for 29€. Children 10 and under can also get a book of 10 tickets for 7.25€. However these tickets can only be used on zone 1 of Paris, so if you're planning to visit for example, Versailles or Disney, you can buy tickets specifically for that journey on metro ticket machines. Of course, the easiest way to travel both inside and outside of Paris is to use the Navigo Decouverte Pass.  

Paris Visite travel pass

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Another option Paris offers for its tourists is to purchase Tourist Passes! These passes essentially offer the same features as the Navigo Découverte passes, unlimited travel for a specific time frame, but for a much more elevated cost. We recommend buying the Navigo Decouverte card or even a carnet of tickets if you're not in Paris for a week, but not the tourist passes. 


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