It all started from a whim: a wifi router that chats!!

This Parisian sister-brother duo Ben & Nina have both lived in Asia for a couple of year. Thanks to their interactions with locals and travels, they have become attached to the Asian hospitality and culture. Since then, they strived to provide travellers with something that is beyond unlimited data roaming, but also a feeling of home that connects with people and proves that the stereotypical Parisian coldness is wrong! 

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Travelling isn't just about glimpsing at monuments, neither should it be a checklist or check-in on Facebook 

There are abundant supplies or wifi router rental, local French data sim cards and travel plans, but it just doesn't feel the same for those who craves for an access to the authentic local life...

What Nina and Ben had observed was that numerous travelers who visited Paris cared only about sight-seeing at the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe and all those "must-see" places. It is clear, though, that the value of Paris is way much more that those historical monuments! 

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Unlimited 4G high speed data and online pocket concierge service

Thus, INSIDR decided to rent an all-inclusive smartphone (we call it a leveled-up wifi hotspot sharing device) comprising a local French number and shareable unlimited network to travelers.

Not only has it solved the connectivity issue in France, other perks such as tailor-made Paris maps, pre-installed mobile travel applications and a chatroom connecting customers with 100+ locals allows travelers to explore hidden gems in the city, such as cute coffee shops, little bistros or authentic off-the-beaten-track spots that are not touristy at all! 

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INSIDR service area

Just imagine one of your good local friends lend you his phone whilst you're visiting Paris or doing a road trip in France, that's how INSIDR is like! 

Using the INSIDR smartphone will give you access to:

- Unlimited data roaming across 42 countries in Europe

- Unlimited local calls and texts (cool for contacting your Airbnb host or friends) 

- Wi-Fi hotspot sharing for your group or other mobile devices (such as tablets)

- Personalized map of 400+ addresses for restaurants, shops, boutiques etc ; 10+ walking tour routes

- Online group chat with INSIDR team & Parisians/ travelers community, always at your service

- Daily real-time updates on happenings and issues in Paris, such as transports, weather, event and activities


**Get your INSIDR phone now to enjoy the same level of unlimited connectivity in 42 European countries!**

What a long trip coming to France, of course you do want to explore other neighbouring countries in the Continent too! Whatever your plans are, say, taking Eurostar to London, hopping on a train from Nice to Italy, or self-drive from Strasbourg to Germany... unlimited 4G data roaming and local calls/ text messages are at your fingertips. Check with INSIDR team anytime for local recommendations on food, must-visit places and must-do activities to spice up your journey! 

INSIDR European package is a real bargain (forget about the top-up SIM cards!)

More on INSIDR's European package here

10 reasons to fall in love with INSIDR 

1. The concierge service goes beyond the price you pay! 

Unlimited data connection in Europe + online real-time travel assistance + local French number + goodies & discounts

2. Avoiding the frustration when the sim card doesn't fit your phone...

What's worse, it's such a waste of time that your sim card actually gets blocked if you move from Nice to Morocco for example...

3. We don't count your flight hours in! 

What a good way to rip customers off for charging their long-haul flight hours into the wifi router rental period. We don't do that. The cost you pay is completely only for the time you stay in France! 

4. Collecting your INSIDR phone at CDG airport hassle-free

Book your phone and get it in different CDG terminals once your landed, and start surfing on the internet: no need to struggle for spotting public free wifi now! Call your parents, text your love, find your way to the city by public transport or get to your accommodation... it's never been so easy! 

5. Authenticity of local culture... you think your sim card can give you that? 

No of course! We treasure human touch and real contact, that's why our customers get to places that other tourists would have never known. Imagine if you encounter problems or urgent issues such as fire (oh touchwood!), medical emergency or even your belongings got stolen... We are here to help (24/7, how good is that!).

6. Telco partner of INSIDR = 2nd biggest in France

The sim cards we use in our INSIDR phones are brought to you by Bouygues, the second largest French telecommunication company. No troubles from changing sim cards or resetting your own phone. Share your wifi hotspot at whim in 42 European countries with local speed and communication quality!

7. No need to worry about the limit on sim card data usage

Nor would you worry about receiving the card by post that could get delayed... INSIDR offers you very convenient delivery methods that would really fit your travel commuting plans! 

8. Going solo? INSIDR keeps you company! 

No need to panic if you travel solo (what a great decision you made!). Everyday you'll receive personal texts from us giving you the best greetings and Paris travel tips! Don't worry to be lonely, be concerned that we gets quite chatty sometimes! 

9. We care about every traveller; no commercial stuff, just hearty local tips! 

Those wonderful places we recommend are our own favourites and places we personally go often! No tourists traps, just authentic goodies and Parisian vibes. 

10. Solid positive reviews from past travellers and bloggers

We've got travelers coming from all over the world and they're super happy about our services! And INSIDR is recommended by some of the most influential International medias as the most innovative service for travelers in Paris Check their articles here.




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Stop dreaming about Paris! Live it with INSIDR!

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Get the help of the INSIDR team NOW!

If you are in the process of planning for your upcoming trip to Paris and France, and wish you knew a friendly local to ask all your questions about where to stay, what to do in priority according to the length of your stay or any other queries, register to our Paris WebinarPrepare your trip to Paris with INSIDR! an expert from the INSIDR team will be answering all your questions! 

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