Who wants to read a printed map instead of navigating on Google Map when travelling...?


Nothing can be more exciting than kicking off an epic trip to EUROPE! How romantic it is to be sharing your honeymoon holidays (or secret proposal anniversary trip) with your loved one in Paris, having a road trip among the French castles or vineyards, spending time with your families across Europe or a graduation solo backpack trip for unknown adventures....

We know that connectivity is essential for your comfort and ease travelling around, so you are looking for the perfect and handy travel data plan. Some might rent a wifi hotspot device while others simply grab a European sim card. However, when things are not going well as imagined, such as limitations on data usage, annoying low speed for internet, complicated terms and conditions or outrageous data roaming charges that break you bank, it could actually become a nightmare! 

Roaming in the E.U. at ease 

The good news is, INSIDR is collaborating with Bouygues (the second largest telco in France) to provide travellers with network and connections in 42 E.U. countries. Not only will you get a brand new smartphone equipped with a French number and unlimited fast speed data usage, there will also be limitless calls and texts for you to stay connected with your friends, families, Airbnb hosts or whosoever in Europe! 

In order to secure data roaming connection on cell phones, tourists tend to get a travel data plan from prepaid mobile sim cards from providers like Lycamobile, 3, Orange or Vodaphone etc, but it's not possible to share the wifi hotspot nor to use it for other tablet devices. Sometimes either it's too troublesome to change sim cards, or it actually doesn't work when you touch down in Europe airports... To avoid such panic of failed connection or end up searching for free wifi in McDonald's or Starbucks, it's best to get our all-inclusive data package for Euope! 

Stable internet network is essential for many things: 

What's your summer plan or winter vacation ideas in Europe?

Whether you're celebrating special occasions or just going on a cultural exploration in across the Atlantic Ocean, travelling with the INSIDR smartphone allows you get around at ease. You can rely on our data network to do GPS navigation, Google Translate (if you don't speak the local language), road trips, restaurant reservations, contacting hotel reception or hosts, and the list goes on! 

We will be more than excited to accompany your journey to visit the Big Ben in London, do a Facebook live of the sparkling light show of Paris Eiffel Tower, Instagram your picture perfect Icelandic aurora borealis, marvel at the tulip fields in Amsterdam or searching for the best tapas bar in Barcelona... Whatever need you can think of, our data plan will surely help you a lot during your trip!

A. Connectivity in 42 countries:

France, United Kingdom, Italy, Vatican City, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Danmark, Greece, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Croatia

and Monaco, Slovakia, Estonia, Romania, Azores Islands, Crete, Bulgaria, Canaries, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Madeira, Malta, San Marino, Slovenia

B. Data network access:Free and unlimited high speed internet connection + wireless mobile hotspot sharing

C. Internet browsing speed:4G LTE.High speed across European countries

D. Connectivity:Free and unlimited calls & texts in 42 E.U. countries

E. Please note that this option does not include Switzerland or Andorra

F. Price:+ 1€/ day ( 1.2 USD)

Don't you worry about extra roaming charges, low speed internet or tethering anymore! 

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