Gluten free hotdogs. Vegan doughnuts. Free Wifi. It’s not often you’ll find all these things in one sentence, let alone in one food truck. But luckily, we have Hot Dog Hot Spot, a funky food truck delivering feel good vegan food and free wifi to you, the hot dog hunting population of Paris.


The dynamic duo driving (literally) Hot Dog Hot Spot is Maddy and Carter, two fun loving friends who were both looking to embark on a new business adventure after deciding to leave their jobs in a coffeeshop. Maddy grew up in a household where there were a number of special diets to cater for, which was the inspiration behind Hot Dog Hot Spot’s vegan, gluten free menu. Whilst non-veggie and gluten options are available, this food truck wants to extend fun fast food to those who’s diet may restrict them from enjoying it, without compromising on the flavour or hiking up the price!

Hotdog Hotspot

The food track is truly nomadic, so make sure to follow Hot Dog Hot Spot’s food truck tracking website, or simply keep an eye out for an incredibly cool black and white chequered food truck on the Parisian streets so you can grab one of their delicious hot dog’s, fries, bio fizzy drinks or doughnuts, all whilst pinching some of their super duper fast wifi!

You can read more about Maddy and Carter soon in our Parisians’ Paris feature coming soon!


Check out Hot Dog Hot Spot's website and Facebook page for more info!




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