We often talk about French cuisine, but in reality, depending on where you are in France, the type of food you eat, as well as the traditional regional dishes you'll find, vary considerably! In Paris you are spoilt for choice with many restaurants serving food from all corners of France so you can have a gastronomical tour of the country, without leaving the capital! 

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Breton cuisine is very varied and full-flavoured, drawing influences from its coastal location. From a traditional Breton galette, to the ‘cuckoo’ (a poultry delicacy) to fresh fish soups and "Armorican" sauce, this region is full of delicious delicacies!

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Gone are the aged lace and old school interiors of the traditional crêperie, Krügen is the definition of cool. With slick and modern decor, it’s aesthetically very pleasing and the crepes are great, filled with quality ingredients straight from Breton. 

58 rue de la Fontaine au Roi, 11th arrondissement. Open Wednesday- Saturday from midday for lunch, from 7 PM for dinner, Brunch on Sunday from midday
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This unique Breton style restaurant is a relaxed setting where you can enjoy traditional Breton dishes. 

8 rue de Belzunce, 10th arrondissement. Open Monday- Saturday 8 AM- 12 AM
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Alsace neighbours Germany, so naturally, Alsatian cuisine incorporates many Germanic culinary traditions in its dishes. Food is marked by the use of pork in various forms, various traditional cakes and unique tasting wine and beers. Traditional dishes include baeckeoffe, flammekueche, choucroute, and fleischnacka. Try saying those with a mouth full of tasty Alsacian food!

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This unique bar specialises in the Alsacian delicacy, Flammekueche- a moreish dish composed of a pizza like base, covered with crème fraîche, thinly sliced onions and lardons. The food is delicious, the beer is great and the service is friendly- what more do you need?

6 rue saint bon, 4th arrondissement. Open Monday- Saturday Midday- 3 PM/ 7 PM- 11:30 PM 

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The traditional dish, choucroute has been elevated to the art of fine dining at Drouant, an elegant restaurant boasting a menu full of traditional French delicacies.

18 rue Gaillon, 2nd arrondissement. Open everyday midday- 2:30 PM/ 7 PM- midnight. 

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Provencal cuisine has a strong Mediterranean influence, meaning their dishes feature a lot of hot spices, seafood, garlic, olive oil and olives, not forgetting the famous herbes de provence.

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This cool neo-bistro has mastered the art of Mediterranean cuisine which you can enjoy in a modern, yet cosy setting.

41 rue du Ruisseau, 18th arrondissement. Open Tuesday- Saturday 11 AM- 2 PM/ 6 PM - 1 AM, Sunday midday- 3 PM  

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Banged specialises in the Provencal street food, pan bagnat- a sort of mega sandwich made with pain de campagne and filled with vegetables, hard boiled eggs, anchovies and tuna amongst other tasty ingredients! It’s the perfect spot to grab a quick, but filling lunch or to enjoy an apero with friends!

7 rue Saint Augustin, 2nd arrondissement. Open Monday- Tuesday 10:30 AM- 4 PM, Wednesday- Friday 11 AM- 3 PM/ 6- 10 PM 

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Basque/ South West France 

The Basque area spans across the border between France and Spain, meaning Basque cuisine is heavily influenced by both French and Spanish traditions. Basque cuisine displays an abundance of sea produce but also plenty of fresh and cured meats. In the Basque cuisine you will find plenty of freshwater fish and salt cod but lots of vegetables, and they often serve their food in a very familial fashion, people often share the food from large plates on tables.

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Pothook has found the perfect balance between a fine dinging experience, whilst retaining the cosy and familial essence of basque cuisine. All their dishes are carefully created to evoke the essential flavours of the South West of France. The fish dishes are truly fantastic! 

4 Rue de l'Exposition, 7th arrondissement. Open everyday Midday- 3:30 PM/ 7:30 PM- 10:30 PM 

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A typical brasserie located near the Eiffel Tower specialising in duck dishes and foie gras

46 avenue de la Bourdonnais, 7th arrondissement. Open Monday- Saturday midday- 2:30 PM/ 6 PM- 10 PM 

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In recent years, Lyon has been called the capital of gastronomy of the world, and we can see why. Known for being simple, yet of very high quality, Lyonnaise cuisine uses fresh, local produce to create comfort food fit for kings. 

 Photo credit:  saveur.com

Photo credit: saveur.com


Alain Ducasse is the head chef in this authentic Lyonnais restaurant, a contemporary tribute to a time-honoured culinary style. The setting is refined and elegant, but the food is, in Ducasse’s own words, "good, old fashioned, hearty food”.

32 rue Saint Marc, 2nd arrondissement. Open Tuesday- Friday midday- 2 PM, Tuesday- Thursday 7:30 PM- 10 PM, Friday- Saturday 7- 10 PM. 

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You couldn’t get more authentic than this family run restaurant. The food is traditional, home made and wonderfully flavoursome. We recommend in particular, their delicious selection of traditional pig meat-based dishes. 

28 Rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard, 5th arrondissement. Open Tuesday- Saturday midday- 2 PM/ 7:30 PM- 10 PM 


Corsican cuisine is an earthy style of cooking, which takes its inspiration from the land, with sun-loving fruits and vegetables, cured meats and cheeses. As for the wine, well, you won't be disappointed.

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Serving delicious traditional Corsican food with a punch and a dash of finesse. The ingredients used are fresh and prepared with Corsican care!
28 Boulevard de l'Hôpital, 5th arrondissement. Open Monday- Saturday 11 AM- 2 AM

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Located on the picturesque Parisian rue des Martyrs, Terra Corsa is a slice of Corsian heaven in the French capital. Their lunch menu for under €10 is a great deal, and their cheese platters are a pure delight!

42 rue des Martyrs, 9th arrondissement. Open Monday to Saturday 10 AM- 9:30 PM, Sunday 10 AM- 7PM


Be transported to the stunning snow topped mountains of Savoie with a taste of their traditional dishes. Raclette, tartiflette and fondue all originate from this region, making it a heavenly region for the cheeselovers and meat eaters visiting France! But you don’t need to go on a skiing holiday to enjoy some typical Savoyard delicacies...

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From the pine wood decor, to the Reblochon smell wafting through the restaurant, this spot will make you feel like you truly are on a après ski evening meal. 

58 rue de Charonne, 11th arrondissement. Open 

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