Paris is mostly known for its gourmet food, patisseries and Michelin star chefs. But the city has a lot to offer for those here on a budget. In this article we  list down where you can find good quality and budget eats and bars in Paris!


An area where you can find a variety of budget eats is around Saint Michel. The area has a lot of choice and a 3 course meal can cost as little as 10€. The food is quite tasty and due to the large multitude f choice, there is something for everyone! If you’re travelling in a large group or with your family, the cheap rates make the area perfect for a restaurant meal.

You can also find some great crêpes in Paris in this area. One of the best crêperies is Crêperie Genia that has a menu where you can get a savoury crêpe, a sweet crêpe and a drink all for the price of 5€!  Now that’s what we call a budget eat in Paris!

If you are in the Belleville or Canal Saint Martin area, you should visit Le Bichat a fantastic vegetarian restaurant with portions so big that they can fill anyone’s appetite! They also have vegetarian and gluten free options. One of the best budget eats in the Paris!You can find them here.

If you’re looking for a complete atmosphere, you can visiti La Cantine de Belleville, a fantastic French restaurant where you can get a dish for as cheap as 12€- the food is tasty and it’s very cheap! Open 7 days a week, you can find it here.


One of the most affordable areas in Paris to buy a drink or get a bit to eat, Place Monge is popular with locals as well as tourists. You can find cheap bars, affordable restaurants with crepes, French food, Asian cuisine- whatever you fancy actually!

 Rue Mouffetard near Place Monge, Photo Credit:

Rue Mouffetard near Place Monge, Photo Credit:

Head to Belleville, if you want a pint of beer in this area that costs 2.50€! The place is hip, full of youngsters and has a whole bunch of cool bars and restaurants as well! The area is in the North-East of Paris.

 Happy Hours in Paris, Photo Credit:

Happy Hours in Paris, Photo Credit:

INSIDR TIP: A lot of bars across the city will offer HAPPY HOURS where you can get a variety of deals - 2 for 1, special price on cocktails- the deals differ from bar to bar. Don’t hesitate to ask the bar if they’ve got a happy ours deal on, especially during the early evening !

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