We understand that travelling to Paris can seem daunting and the metro system can seem confusing. Here is how to effectively navigate the public transport system in Paris as well as explaining all the different public transport tickets you can purchase.

For using the public transport to travel between Paris and the airport, you should read this article.



In order of top to bottom: 'for one ticket', 'book of 10', 'book of 10 (reduced price)'. Photo credit: ratp.fr

In order of top to bottom: 'for one ticket', 'book of 10', 'book of 10 (reduced price)'. Photo credit: ratp.fr

To navigate around Paris, the best way is definitely the metro system! At only 1,90€ per Paris metro ticket, you can travel anywhere around Paris quickly and inexpensively. You can purchase books or ‘carnets’ of 10 for a reduced price of 14,50€ and a book of 20 for 29€! You can pick them up at any metro station and they also offer a reduced price for children travelling under 10 years old at 7,25€ for a book of 10 tickets, however, these you cannot buy separately. You can also use these metro tickets to take a bus as well as using the RER within zone 1!

To travel outside of Paris using the RER system, you will have to buy a separate ticket which you can purchase at any metro station as well. For example, for Versailles and Disney you simply select the destination and purchase your ticket! Unless you purchased a Navigo Decouverte pass which we’ll explain further down the article.



Prices for all zones per week, month and year respectively. Photo credit: ratp.fr

Prices for all zones per week, month and year respectively. Photo credit: ratp.fr

Our biggest INSIDR hack is something all the Parisian's use - The Navigo Decouverte. If you're staying for a long time in Paris or planning to travel around Paris a lot, this is your main tool! For only 22,15€ per week or 73€ per month this is truly the cheapest way to get around Paris. It covers your travel to the airport, which costs 10€ per ticket, and travels to Versailles and many other places - see where you can travel for day trips using the Navigo Decouverte!

A top Paris tip that no one else will tell you is that it doesn't last for a week / 7 days or 30 days for the month, it lasts for the week or month you buy it! So if you bought it on a Wednesday it would only last until Sunday at midnight - be sure to buy it as early as possible during the week you can make the most of it! It is very simple to get a Navigo Decouverte, you can go to any information desk in any metro station or Terminal 3 of CDG Airport and purchase the card for 5€, then simply write your name on it and add a small passport-style photo. If you didn't bring any photos, for 5€ you can have pictures taken and printed in a photo booth in a lot of the metro stations and in the airport.

An important thing to note is that you can only buy a Navigo Decouverte for the current week you are here up until Thursday night at midnight. As of Friday you will only be able to purchase a pass for the next week coming!

The total cost of a Navigo Decouverte for one week works out as 27,15€ if you brought a picture with you, or 32,15€ for if you didn't bring one and have to get them taken. You can also recharge them every time you come back to Paris!



Photo credit: ratp.fr

Photo credit: ratp.fr

Another way to use the Paris public transport system is to purchase Tourist Passes! They offer the same services as the Navigo Decouverte for travelling all over Paris but for a specific time frame. For the most part, these Tourist Passes are very expensive so we would recommend purchasing a Navigo Decouverte - unless they suit you!



To help you travel around Paris, our INSIDR phone is loaded with the best app to navigate the public transportation system: CITYMAPPER. We pre-configure it to help you find your way to Paris' main landmarks and back to your accommodation! It will tell you which metro or bus or other mode of transport is best to take, about changing metro lines and even which part of the metro is best to stand on!



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