We all know that the French wine from Bordeaux is among the most prestigious in the whole wild world. However, if you look for similar quality but less mainstream, why not kick off a road trip journey around the Loire river in Burgundy? 

Here you'll find breathtaking natural landscapes, stunning vineyards and heritages filled with local colours and characters. It's time to plan your journey and start looking for a car rental


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practical tips

Hitting the A6 highway from Paris to Beaune will only take you a 3 to 4-hour drive. It's easy to just rent a car around Paris Gare du Nord station, traverse the whole city and starting your perfect journey to the countryside! This scenic road trip in the wine country is rather smooth, and it will take you through those historic trails in Dijon, quaint châteaux, cobblestoned streets, chapels and villages, to the gorgeous grand crus vineyards sprinkled around Beaune! 

what to do when you have: 

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1 Day: Spend a day in Dijon, the capital city of Burgundy. Remember to try the mustard there, it's definitely a local specialty! 

2 Days: Set off on an adventure in the wine routes: from Beaune, Beaujolais to Meusault and Chablis... (don't drive if you're too drunk from all these wine tasting sessions!)

3 Days: It's perfect to spend an extra day wondering around the towns of Auxerres, Nevers and even Mâcon! Definitely a different vibe from the Paris/ France you used to know! 

you shouldn't miss

Food & drink

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Are you thinking of Pinot Noir or Chadonnay whenever the name "Bourgogne/ Burgundy" pops up? Not only the wines are excellent here, but also its gastronomy! For example, do you know that the famous French dish escargot (snails) is actually from Burgundy? It's an iconic and symbolic gastronomy of the region and often cooked with garlic and parsley butter to make the snails way tastier. 

You should also try truffles here, they are the freshest and the best in Burgundy! Locals use expert dogs and trained pigs to go on a delicate truffle hunt (that's why they're so expensive!) Burgundy truffle is surely a luxurious culinary treasure, having it alongside wines from the distinguished Domaine Rion in Vosne-Romanée is just heavenly. For those who are interested in truffle hunting, make sure you join some truffle farm tours to pick your own black diamond!  

Sea, land, air adventures

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The countryside of Bourgogne is pure magic, and the best ways to admire it are diverse: you can either rent a bike and ride around the picture perfect scenery, hire and hop on a boat or go kayaking through the rivers, or, skydive at 4000m from above in Dijon or the beautiful Côte d'Or! Be creative and immerse yourself into the spectacular terrain of the wine region! 

where to go next

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If you're a wine lover, the good news is that you're not far away from the Champagne region if you go up north, where the bubbly is internationally prestigious! Visit the vineyards and champagne cellars in Reims or Epernay, as well as its magnificent cathedral. It's also wonderful to drive around its vineyard cluster that offers marvellous landscapes and unforgettable tastings! 

Going further south, you'll reach Lyon, one of the best cities in France for foodies. Not only is the city known for its local gastronomic specialties and wines, but also the cultural and historical heritage here! If Paris is too overwhelming and touristy for you, Lyon is the best alternative with traboules (secret passages between buildings), bouchons (local style restaurants that are exclusive in the city), and stunning colourful buildings dotted along the Sâone and Rhone river... you simply can't afford not visiting!