Have you always dreamt about being an artist but as you grew up you kind of gave up this little wish?

Paris is the city where every artistic whim is possible, so will your artsy talents be unleashed! INSIDR is happily providing you with different DIY workshops and handcraft courses with gifted Parisian artists. Bring your work home as your personalised souvenirs of Paris! 


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Handmade accessories

Photo credit: Amayalili

Ever wondered having your own pair of DIY earrings or rings that are actually created by YOU? Or are you having a hard time looking for family activities in Paris that your kids would enjoy?

No need to think hard on the best jewellery shop to go for shopping. INSIDR offers you the opportunity to get in touch with the Paris-based creator and museum education officer, Alyse Chan. From now on you can go on one of her individual/ family-friendly handcraft workshops to make your own tailor-made accessories that are totally creative, unique and full of vintage French vibes! 


Photo credit: Le Kadre

Is taking pictures in your trip a mundane thing and you want to capture your travel moments in a special way? Sketching would be a nice alternative, but embroidery is even more fun! This passionate French & Swedish couple transform the Parisian cityscape into a delicately beautiful stitches. Typical avenues and Haussmann-style architecture are some of their impressive work. 

Are you stunned by their creativity? Come to their atelier to learn about making patchworks and needleworks on different fabrics! You can even bring it home as a super unique home décor gift. 


Passionate by fashion and designer’s goods? Well learn how to make your own super fancy purse and handbags! The 4-hour workshop is led by a former fashion designer who wanted to share her passion in making and designing beautiful objects that add characters to our daily lives. Forget about buying the latest female designer bags and queueing up for hours in the department stores. Craft your own bag and you'll never worry about outfit clashes again! 

Silk screen printing 

Photo credit: inkdupthreads.com

Not everyone could have access to an authentic young Parisian artist collective studio, and such one-of-a-kind local experiences are what INSIDR strives to provide! Many travellers love art and would love to have hands-on practical experiences, now it's no longer a pipe dream! Explore possibilities to unleash your artistic talent, learn from the local artists about their secrets to printing techniques, and produce your own prints. 

If going to galleries and art museums can't satisfy you anymore, come participate and splash your own French colours! 


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