Time to explore France! Wherever you're from in the world, there are always something that you would love to do, to see and to visit in France! Here are a few photos showing you different parts of our beautiful country; doesn't matter if you're a backpacker, going on a family trip, on a honeymoon or a road trip, France will never cease to surprise you! 



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The great capital of France, containing the dreams of many! Not only is it the representation of a romantic city, but the totem of established civilisation, sophistication in culture, world-class fashion and top-notch art and architecture. It has also cute little coffee shops, impressive restaurants and of course, bars and clubs and all sorts of music events that will leave you only with heart-warming memories.

Suitable for: couples, backpackers, solo travellers, newbies for France, LGBT travellers 


Wondering what Bordeaux can actually offer and what to do here? The answer is beyond your imagination. Just the vineyards dotted around the region will occupy you quite some days for wine tastings and vineyard visits... The city itself also leads you to positive vibes with local gastronomy to eat and try, fine arts to see, and a specific way of life to experience that many French people yearn to have! 

Suitable for: wine-lovers, road-trip travellers, volunteers/ WWOOFers, budget travellers 


Lyon is a treasure. If Paris is too crowded for you, Lyon may satisfy your needs to experience France in a more approchable and characterful way. With a great historical and cultural heritage, Lyon is perfect for those who love both metropolitans and intimate city with lots of hidden paths and streets to walk and explore! 

Suitable for: families, couples, friends, backpackers, graduation-trip goers, Paris experts


Another beautiful region in France for those who love French wines, Burgundy is actually very ideal for a vineyard exploration kind of holiday. Driving along the wine routes of Burgundy will lead you to one of the most gorgeous wine production areas in France. If Pinot Noir and Chablis could represent Burgundy, be expected that the region will also bring you this feeling of crisp, simple but hearty delight. You'll also get to immerse in its specific local atmosphere and have a memorable holiday. 

Suitable for: wine-lovers (again), road-trip travellers, (honeymoon) couples, adventure makers


Being one of the Celtic nations, Brittany is a very distinctive region that is assertive for its unique local characters. Bretons are deemed to be among the friendliest and most adventurous people in France. The nature  here are extremely stunning, with turquoise seas and silky sands. Its special landscapes and microclimates here allow all kinds of sailing and surfings, such as wind-surfing, kitesurfing etc. Be sure to try their oysters (one of the best in France), crêpe and marvel at tides and sunsets. 

Suitable for: families, friends, couples, sea lovers, sailers 


Another region that is so worth-visiting, Normandy is the cradle and birthplace for Impressionism and have inspired maestros such as Claude Monet for a very long time. The architecture style here has its local colours and wondering around the medieval towns will open your eye to a France that you've never imagined. 

Suitable for: road-trip travellers, budget travellers, families, culture-lovers

Loire Valley

 Photo credit:  Ciclismo Classico

Photo credit: Ciclismo Classico

The Loire Valley is absolutely dreamy: with its wonderful cluster of castles and a production of wines from different areas along the Loire River, it has lured a great number of tourists. A region that is enriching and very romantic for people who have already been very familiar with the capital. 

Suitable for: architecture lovers, wine lovers, families, road trip travellers, graduation trip goers, honeymoon couples


Marseille is definitely not only about the Mediterranean Sea, it's also perfect for sportive travellers who love going on hiking! You can spend a whole afternoon going up and down between the limestone cliffs, Calanques, feeling your skin kissed by the sun or picking fresh rosemary along your hike. Chill at the fishing ports or visiting the architectural pioneer Le Corbusier's Cité radieuse are also wonderful holiday ideas. 

Suitable for: road trip travellers, solo travellers, families, hikers 



One of the most popular holiday destinations in the South of France, this is the ideal place for getting tanned, eating good food and immersing yourself to the paradisiacal waters of Côte d'Azur; definitely therapeutic. Practise the idea of farniente and spend a holiday that dissolves your worries and burdens into the azur waters. 

Suitable for: beach lovers, divers, families, friends, fun seekers


If you love all sorts of cultures, such as theatres, dance, opera or so, you can't afford to miss the Avignon Festival every July. It is a massive cultural event that takes places in the heart of Avignon for 3 weeks, and international holidaymakers or French people come just to experience the culture of this wonderfully curated festival. Don't be intimated to see the poster-filled walls change their colours everyday, there are just too many programmes and activities to be promoted daily during this period of time. 

Suitable for: culture lovers, road trip travellers, budget travellers, backpackers, Paris experts 


Biarritz has attracted countless travellers for its marvellous Atlantic coast, waves and Basque characters. Every summer, it will be packed on every beach with people trying to enjoy the sunny and sea breezes and of course, surfing. The annual Bayonne Festival is another event to participate, where you'll see the entire city dressed in white with a dash of red! 

Suitable for: surfers (or not, cause there are plenty surfing schools), hot guys, fun seekers, families, friends, city-dwellers looking for a relaxing summer break 


Besides its world-known Christmas markets, Strasbourg is actually worth your time visiting for its German-influenced culture. How funny and confusing it is too see street signs written in both French and German? The cathedral in the heart of the city is also very breathtaking, get your cameras ready! 

Suitable for: graduation trip goers, couples, budget travellers