Beautifully reputed as the "Garden of France", Loire Valley does has its own charm that no other regions in France can replace. It has a rich diversity across different towns, gastronomy and even different types of wine. Together with its marvellous castles and cultural heritage, this is the perfect region for family or couples for a getaway from Paris. 


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practical tips

Taking off from Paris, you'll easily arrive the Loire Valley by car after a 3-hour's drive. The Loire Valley is great for excursions, adventures and more! Located conveniently below Paris, you can get to the southern part (eg Cité Université or Montsouris) in Paris to kick off your exciting day trip/short trip to Loire! 

Some travellers take trains from Paris and start their road trip once they get to Loire Valley. However, if you want to see some cities such as Chartes along the way or have a better rate on car rental, it should be more ideal to hire a car from Paris

what to do when you have:

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1 day: Visit the châteaux dotted across the Loire Valley 

2 days: Go for a wine route and try the local wines in the vineyard

3 days: Explore around some of the bigger cities in the area 

4 days: Road cycling is exciting when you can ride and be stunned by the beautiful landscapes along the river 

you shouldn't miss

Food & drink

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We bet that you might never have thought that the regional cuisine and food specialty in the Loire Valley can be surprisingly varied. From all sorts of cheeses, game, rillette (a pâté from shredded meat or fish for spreading on the bread) to pastry like sablés and Tarte tatin... You name it! Also, the wine in each area across Loire is simply delicious! 

Hot air balloon

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Just imagine floating in a hot air balloon with your lover enjoying the panoramic view over the Loire Valley, seeing different castles at this height far from everything else... It will surely take your breath away! Perfect for special or romantic occasions such as proposal, celebrating anniversary or birthday! 

where to go next

Photo credit: Atout France                                                      Maison d'hôtes VILLA VERDE, Chambres d'hôtes La Rochelle Centre

Not far from the Loire Valley is the fascinating city, Nantes. It is a rich cultural treasure that mainstream tourists don't know; definitely worth a visit for its versatile activities and well-organised traveller-friendly city planning.

La Rochelle is another coastal city on the list for those who prefer more tranquility and laid-back moments. Beaches, ports, sailing boats, camping sites are available for holiday makers. It's full of maritime characteristics and some of the best sunsets along the Atlantic coast!