How exciting it is just to envisage physically being in Paris! Are you really ready for your trip though? Have you got ideas where to go, eat, shop, stay; spots and activities that no other tourists know yet? A shortcut to becoming a Parisian is definitely to read books about Paris travel tips edited by expats in Paris or locals! Here's our INSIDR pick on which book you should have! 


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1. April Lily Heise's Je t'aime.. Maybe

Photo credit:                                                                Fusac

After her first book Je T'aime, Me Neither, Heise has continued recounting her romantic adventures in a funny, exciting and surprising way. Very often authors will employ a rosy filter in telling stories about the City of Love, making everyone dream about this seemingly romantic hardcore. However, Heise does unveil the reality in pursuing relationships and looking for the twin flame. If you are also on a quest to finding your true love or soul mate, you may want to read her book (while enjoying stories that are set in Paris!).

2. Lindsey Tramuta's The New Paris

Photo credit : Colette                                                                       Lost in Cheeseland

Maybe you haven't heard about Lindsey Tramuta but if we talk about the blogger "Lost in Cheeseland" here, it may instantly ring a bell! Tramuta has her new book release party launched at one of the most chic Parisian fashion boutique: L'appartement Sézane in April. Her book is as classy as her party, going through everything about Parisian people, places and ideas that you may want to equip yourself with before arriving! This book features new trends on food, wine, pastry, coffee, beer, fashion, and design in Paris; if you love to discover something other than the traditional façade of Paris that everyone knows, you should have this book on hand (the photos in the book are just beautiful!)

3. Cat Seto's Impressions of Paris: An Artist's Sketchbook

Photo credit:                                                               Chronicle Books

This very hearty illustration book not only has beautiful pictures that echo with Parisians' whimsicality, but also reveals Cat Seto's favourites spots and things about Paris that are rarely known to ordinary tourists! Perfect for both art lovers and Paris fans for an imaginative visual journey to the most romantic city in the world! 

4. Craig Carlson's Pancakes in Paris

Photo credit: Goodreads                                                                  Le Parisien

Being one of the bestsellers of books on Paris, Pancakes in Paris definitely fulfills the American dream of the French capital. This memoir captures the funny yet enterprising story of the American expat Carlson on his journey in Paris. While living in France, croissant and pain au chocolat no longer satisfied him. Instead, he was struck by homesickness and missed American breakfast desperately. In the end, he was determined to open the restaurant Breakfast in America in Paris that turned into a successful chain. Read his book to absorb his motivations and get a sneak peek of his local life! 

5. David Lebovitz's The Sweet Life in Paris

Photo credit: David Lebovitz                                                  

Having moved from San Francisco to Paris to start a new life, the pastry chef and cookbook author Lebovitz tells the world that Paris is a maddeningly stunning city. In the book, he reviews daily happenings that are ridiculous, frustrating, unreasonable and sometimes driving him crazy. He also looked into the work etiquettes in France, particularly the capital, and idiosyncrasies that foreigners may find hard to stand. After all, even Paris has so much to be critiqued, who doesn't love her as she is? Read this to understand the subtleties about Paris before arriving!  

6. Ernest Hemingway's Paris is a moveable feast

Photo credit:                                                             English Book in Georgia

"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast." - you must have heard about this quotation even if you never got the chance to read this timeless classic. No need to elaborate on this all-time favourite book of daring souls. Get into Hemingway's world now to grab a full picture about the post-war blooming scene of Paris's cultural landscape. 

Bonus: Podcast from This American life

 Photo credit:  Open Culture

Photo credit: Open Culture

Listen to very funny and interesting podcast by Ira Glass about Americans in Paris ! You're guaranteed to have a good laugh as well as a great discovery of the real French life! 



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