Whether your are planning a proper photoshoot for occasions like proposal, wedding, fashion modeling, or simply a professional shoot that captures your best memories in Paris, you deserve a perfectly smooth photoshoot to immortalise these once-in-a-life-time moments! INSIDR is happily sharing tips for an amazing travel photoshoot in Paris. 


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But first, dress up! 

Prior to your shooting, pick an attire that fits your style most and brings out the best shape of your body! Paris is surely the world Fashion Capital and you just can't go wrong picking the best quality apparels. Haute couture, designer brands, local brands, you name it! If you want to dress like a Parisian, going second-hand or vintage shopping is always a good decision for ideas that you might have never had (saving money and sticking to your budget at the same time!).

 Photo credit :  www.cadebordedepotins.com
 Photo credit :  Paris Perfect

Photo credit : Paris Perfect

Get photogenic!

Head to Galeries Lafayette for your perfect makeup! Their Beauty Department has various cosmetic brands that provide a instant makeup try-on or free product testings. We recommend you get your makeup done at Shu Uemura as they offer a "Photo shoot" makeup service! Bobbi Brown also gives customers a range of impressive makeup services that may interests you. Treat yourself for a flawless look!

 Photo credit :  Galeries Lafayette

Photo credit : Galeries Lafayette

 Photo credit :  YouTube

Photo credit : YouTube

Essential Paris shoots

We understand that getting a classic photoshoot in the heart of Paris is something you can't afford to miss. Follow Localers for a well-organised photo-shooting tour! You'll get the chance to shoot from the Eiffel Tower, Tuileries Gardens and the Louvre as well. Integrate your sight-seeing itinerary with their professional photographers helping you to seize the moment in front of the breath-taking monuments

For : Family, couples, friends 

 Photo credit :  Localers

Photo credit : Localers

 Photo credit :  Localers

Photo credit : Localers

Say no to touristy shoots

Based in Paris, the Hongkongese owners of Superon Photography know Paris like native French. If you want to avoid cliché touristy spots in Paris where everyone gets there photoshoots, make sure you book a shooting session with them. They offer trilingual (French, English, Chinese) wedding and travel photography services that are surely accommodating to your taste. Travel package includes a 3-hour photoshoot in Paris with personalised theme and style. Their photography style tends to be more natural and artistic, helping you create the simplest yet most beautiful memories.

For : Couples, Honeymoon travelers, Individuals 

 Photo credit :  Superon Photography

Photo credit : Superon Photography

 Photo credit :  Superon Photography

Photo credit : Superon Photography

INSIDR tips on photoshoot

Stay natural :

If you're not a professional model, it's normal getting nervous in front of camera lenses (especially in front of so many people). It's hard thinking of how to pose and imagining how you're going to look like on the photos. BUT, staying natural is the only way that makes you most beautiful. Breathe in and out, and fight against those discomforting noises in your head! 

Get plenty of sleep : 

Another thing you want to do before a photoshoot is to naturally look great. Give you body and skin a good rest so that you'll look glowingly gorgeous the next day (who wants to see you with a pair of dark circles around the eyes??).

 Photo credit :  Greatist

Photo credit : Greatist

Portable charger :

It may not come across your mind straight away but having enough battery on your phone may save you from lots of troubles. You can call your photography team anytime, take selfies during the break or even play some time-killing games while waiting for the spot. Book INSIDR phone now, we can help you stay connected in Paris and share with you hidden secret spots for your photoshoot that no tourists know! 

Bonus : Photo booths 

If you can't care less about a very set-up photoshoot but just want to leave some memories in Paris, try these Photomaton instant photo machines! 


Walking down the street you can sometimes surprising see these vintage photo machines! The black and white 4-photo row will take you only 3€ and 10 minutes. You can find it in Marais, Montmartre, Saint Lazare and many other places! Perfect for a fun time!

For : Couples, individuals, friends, siblings, travel mates, backpackers 

 Photo credit:  Paperblog

Photo credit: Paperblog

 Photo credit :  Pinterest

Photo credit : Pinterest

Studio Harcourt

Another photo booth machine that gives out black and white instant photos are way more luxurious - it's by Studio Harcourt, a very prestigious photography studio founded by the French photographer Cosette Harcourt in 1934. Stars like Karl Lagerfeld, Cate Blanchett, Marion Cortillard and Natalie Portman have already been shot by the studio. Instead of paying 900€ to over 1900€ for a proper studio portrait, you can now feel the timeless magic of Harcourt for only 10€ at the cinema MK2 Bibliothèque

For : Movie-lovers, individuals 

 Photo credit :  Grand Angle - WordPress.com
 Photo credit :  Golem13

Photo credit : Golem13


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