Shopping for skincare and beauty products in Paris? You are in the right place to be! Here in the city, you can do all sorts of beauty shopping from drugstores, perfume shops or even department stores. INSIDR reveals the must-buy make-up products that you can buy in Paris to bring home with! 


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We all know that French pharmacies are magical wonderlands: you can find a wide variety of skincare products.Now add them to your shopping cart! Yes they are cheap, adorable and effective, but don't lose too much control!

Caudalie's Hand Cream

 Photo credit :  Powersanté

Photo credit : Powersanté

Caudalie specialises in grape-oriented anti-aging and skincare products. It is definitely a very ethical brand, saying no to all artificial preservatives, mineral oil and animal by-products. Their Thé des vignes line guarantees a delicate scent and nourishing protection to your skin. We just love their hand cream, so handy and creamy! 



 Photo credit :  Nuxe

Photo credit : Nuxe

Nuxe's Lip Balm

Rêve de miel is the one-of-a-kind lip therapy that every girl should have in their pocket! You can either take it as a normal lip balm, or apply a thick layer overnight as a wholesome lip mask! Nuxe is a reputed brand easily to be found in pharmacies, advocating the importance of the nature. Try their famous Huile Prodigieuse, one of their bestsellers that gives you a shiny beautiful skin! 




Klorane's Dry Shampoo

 Photo credit :

Photo credit :

Klorane is another French brand that emphasizes the use of original natural ingredients. Their dry shampoo is super efficient in adding a great volume to and cleaning your hair with a simple shake and spray! Make sure you get one, because they uses ingredients such as oat milk, corn and rice starch. What a great botanical refreshment! 


Jo Malone 

Why buying a British fragrance in Paris?? Simply because it's way cheaper than anywhere else (surely, except in the UK)! It comes in a very convient size that it fits your clutch perfectly, plus it has very original scents such as Wood Sage & Sea Salt and Earl Grey & Cucumber. It also does limited editions of scents that always go out of stock. Come mix and match and dare to go a bit playful with your own combinations! 

 Photo credit :  Madame Figaro

Photo credit : Madame Figaro


Created by the French make-up artist and photographer François Nars, this brand has a very chic yet professional selection of cosmetic products that makes you photogenic instantly! Have a go for their Radiant Creamy Concealer that has an enriching silky texture made of carefully picked ingredients, good to camouflage your imperfections and boost your complexion. Their Kiss Me Stupid Lipstick is worth your try, with an exquisite palette on your lips that spices up your whole make-up.

 Photo credit :  Le Bon Marché

Photo credit : Le Bon Marché

 Photo credit :  Le Bon Marché

Photo credit : Le Bon Marché


 Photo credit : Decléor

Photo credit : Decléor

Known for its aromatherapy, Decléor excels in providing your skin with a stunning natural glow! They have a varied range of products from anti-fatigue, anti-aging to soothing and moisturising. It doesn't matter which skin type you have, Decléor will have something that treats your body well. We love their Ultra-moisturising mask from their Hydra Floral line, with the essential oil, it will for sure give your skin a powerful hydrating plump! 









 Photo credit :  Twenty Six Style

Photo credit : Twenty Six Style

Not to be missed: Kérastase is a French luxury brand for hairstyle and hair care products. If you have long been struggling with your hair texture or quality, this Initialiste is the dream hair product you should get! with regular drops of it, your hair will be transformed to one that has great strength, shine, softness and substance.

Beauty Counters

Estée Lauder at Galerie Lafayette

What is so wonderful about Galerie Lafayette is that it has an all-inclusive beauty supply in the heart of Paris! Plus, from time to time they offer fabulous exclusive limited-edition make-up products or beauty collaborations with designer celebrities. If you want to look as glamorous as the former Spicy Girl hottie, make sure you bring Victoria Beckham's London Look collection home, that features a smoky nude polished lips and intense black eyes dashed with glitter and gold.


 Photo credit :  Galeries Lafayette

Photo credit : Galeries Lafayette

 Photo credit :  Galeries Lafayette

Photo credit : Galeries Lafayette

La Mer at Le Bon Marché

Photo credit : La Mer

Want to bright up your skin which injecting a great amount of collagen? This Regenerating Serum from La Mer is your solution! It fights against aging and helps reducing your lines, pores and wrinkles. Pack this in your luggage home, so that your skin will always be refined and rejuvenated even you left Paris. It accelerates skin's natural renewal process with marine plant stem cells to give you a firmer, younger-looking complexion!


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