Paris is a dream for architectural lovers. Even if you don't necessary know much about architecture, you can still be stunned by these amazing buildings architects have gifted us. Or, take beautiful pictures in front of them to show off the most beautiful sites in Paris to your friends.

Now, follow us to traverse the past and the present of Paris to see these photogenic spots! 


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Sainte Chapelle 

This Gothic royal chapel has captured the hearts of many. The exquisitely designed stained glass is surely the most famous feature, recounting the story of the New Testament. It is said to be built at the expense of half of the kingdom's wealth just to store the Crown of Thorns from Christ. Whether it's true or not, the French King Louis IX left us this holy palatine chapel to take our breath away. 

Arc de Triomphe

No need to explain much on this world-known Parisian monument that honors the French Army (and the great Napoléon) ! The exquisite sculptures at the Arc de Triomphe tells the story of major battles ever happened in France and of course, the French Revolution. Have a moment of silence around the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers for the World War 1 while you are admiring this historical art piece. 

 Photo Credit:  Paris Info

Photo Credit: Paris Info

Galeries Lafayette

Le Coupole is built in 1912 by the famous French architect Ferdinand Chanut with the talented glassmaker Jacques Gruber. Everyone coming to the Galeries (even just for shopping) are clearly stunned by this beautiful dome with great historical value. There are heritages around the department store for you to discover, including l'escalier d'honneur, a very impressive piece of bronze staircase.

Opéra Garnier

The Baroque styled building is much more than just a commonplace for operas and musicals. It was designed by the young French architect Charles Garnier with marvellous interior decorations inside. Many art and architecture students come and do their fieldwork sketch here. Every corner you pass around in the Opéra is a surprise: the grand staircase, chandeliers, columns and statues that would you would surely admire!  

 Photo credit :  Opéra de Paris

Photo credit : Opéra de Paris


Fondation Louis Vuitton

Designed by the star architect Frank Gehry, this Fondation was actually inspired by the glass feature of the Grand Palais. The 11 galleries house various expositions throughout the year that are definitely worth-visiting. The structure itself is mind-blowingly avant-garde, which is quite a stark contrast to the typical French Haussmannian buildings. 

 Photo Credit : Télérama

Photo Credit : Télérama

Parc de la Villette 

The 3rd largest park in Paris holds 3 major concert venues such as the Zénith and Philharmonie de Paris. Against all the criticisms, the idea of this park was indeed to challenge the traditional French architecture. The architect, Bernard Tschumi, designed with the intention of creating a space that exists in a vacuum, a "non-place" without historical precedent. Such architectural deconstructivism is absolutely something worth appreciating. 

 Photo Credit :  e-architect

Photo Credit : e-architect

Centre Georges Pompidou 

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Centre Pompidou was once the most controversial building at the time. It was the collaboration of 2 very renowned architects, Richard Rogers & Renzo Piano. They strived to move all the interior structures (such as pipes and columns) to the outside of the building in hopes of emptying the inside of the building for more common space. It's super spacious and clean indoor. Ready for an inside-out experience? 

Cité de la Mode et du Design

This stylish contemporary monument in Paris embraces a enormous space along the river Seine, and it provides art-lovers a platform to create and showcase art. The bold architecture of the City of Fashion and Design was the work of architects Jakob + MacFarlane, and it's worth dropping by their bar-restaurant, NUBA, for a cocktail at sunset. 


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