Everyone knows that Paris is home to countless shopping spots.

But if you are looking for a classy, unique and all-inclusive shopping experience to spice up your stay in the French capital, you should definitely head to Galeries Lafayette! They go the extra mile in making shopping exciting and easy with their vast variety of brands and all of their extra services. We're also thrilled to annouce that we've teamed up with the iconic department store to offer our INSIDR travelers some amazing exclusive offers!!!


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Looking for a place to shop in Paris that's open on Sundays and has everything you need under one roof? Then look no further! Galeries Lafayette is the shopping temple in the heart of the city, boasting 2000m² of fashion, designer brands, restaurants and much much more! Get ahead of the fashion game and discover all the latest trends in their newly installed fashion laboratory, take your pick from limited edition cosmetics, drench yourself in jewels. . . This place is fashion paradise. 

Visiting Paris with your man? Don't worry about him getting bored! Just drop him off (like a hot potato!!!) at the Men's department. Leave him explore 3 stories and 250 French and international brands. No excuses needed. 


One of the highlights for us is definitely the level of service offered by Galeries Lafayette. A dedicated (and multilingual) teamLe Concierge, is on hand to cater to your every need, helping you save precious time and money. Whether you need help getting a tax refund (and don't we all know how complicated that can be?!), a taxi reservationstyle-consultation, or even information on international and express delivery, Le Concierge team are there for you. Shopping really never has been easier! 

What's more, if you've had enough or simply want to put your feet up and kick back, you can head straight to one of the store's private suites. No queuing, no time-wasting. Have your clothes brought to you and try them on in the comfort of Le Concierge's lounges. And sip on some champagne whilst doing so. Perfect.  



If you're traveling with INSIDR . . .

Make the most of our exclusive offer and use your INSIDR smartphone to access one of these private salons. We're here to help you ease the pain after a hard day's shopping!



 Photo credit: INSIDR traveler

Photo credit: INSIDR traveler

And last but by no means least . . .

Use your INSIDR smartphone to download Galeries Lafayette's latest mobile app.

This easy-to-use apps helps you locate your friends at the simple click of a button.

You'll never be lost again!

(INSIDR tip: to avoid getting lost in the crowd, we recommend you visit in the morning!!) 

 Photo credit:  Galeries Lafayette

Photo credit: Galeries Lafayette

That's enough from us folks. Now it's down to you. Happy shopping! :-)