We understand the need to be connected while travelling and here we tell you all about renting a cellphone in France as well as where you can get free wifi in Paris.



Firstly make sure that your phone is unlocked and compatible with tri-band gsm. Once that is done, you can put any SIM card into the phone. 

© SFR- republished under Creative Commons license. 

© SFR- republished under Creative Commons license. 

Prepaid SIM cards to rent a cellphone in France are available at select stores and some supermarkets. Look out for stores such as SFR, Bouyges Telecom, Orange,  Lycamobile etc. You could walk into any of the mobile stores and buy a SIM card. Some supermarkets will also keep prepaid SIM cards that you can buy at checkout.

All calls and texts in France are usually free on SIM cards. 

Keep in mind that the cost of using data on your rented cellphone in France can be very high. You will have to buy a separate data package ( not cheap!). To avoid getting overcharged, go into your personal settings on your phone, turn off 'mobile data' as well as 'data roaming'.  Also turn off any applications that use data in the background (like Social media apps) or sync automatically (gmail) and download offline apps for Paris! 


There are a lot of free wifi zones in Paris- the Champs-Elysées, the area around the Notre-Dame and some of the parks in Paris- but the internet connection can be dodgy and it doesn;t always have the best speed. Free wifi in Paris is also available at some public librairies. 


If you are unable to rent a cellphone in Paris, there are many other cool options in the city- one of them being to use the free wifi at a Co-working space. One of our favorites is Hubsy- a cool cafe where you pay €5 per hour for unlimited internet and coffee! 

The best option for using renting a cellphone however is renting an INSIDR smartphone. It is the cheapest and easiest way to stay connected throughout your stay in France! With low costs and direct delivery you can rent a cellphone in Paris that will make your visit hassle free! You have unlimited data and connectivity with high speed 4G data all over Paris. And our 'Community' app lets you have direct contact with over 60 Parisians to give their expertise and advice on making the most out of your stay in Paris!