Staying connected while traveling is a need! Full connectivity ensures being able to communicate with loved ones, browsing the internet to look for practical infos or sharing adventure in real-time. To stay connected while traveling in France there are a lot of options, in this article you'll find all about buying a sim card in Paris, renting a cellphone or finding free wifi in Paris.


Buy a sim-card in paris

 © SFR- republished under Creative Commons license. 

© SFR- republished under Creative Commons license. 

First of all make sure that your phone is unlocked and compatible with tri-band gsm. Once that is done, you can put any SIM card into the phone. 

Prepaid SIM cards are available at selected stores and some supermarkets. Look out for stores such as SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Orange, Lycamobile. Basically, you could walk into any of the mobile stores and buy a SIM card. Some newspapers stores will also have prepaid SIM cards that you can buy - checkout the newspaper stores Relay at the airport and in every big train stations.

Keep in mind that the cost of making phonecalls, texts and using data in France is not cheap. You may have to top up your card a lot.

To save data (and money!) we recommend to download offline apps for Paris as much as possible! You'll not need to be connected to use them.



There are a lot of free wifi zones in Paris- the Champs-Elysées, the area around the Notre-Dame and some of the parks in Paris- but the internet connection can be dodgy and it doesn't always have the best speed. Free wifi in Paris is also available at some public librairies and museums.

To connect yourself, you'll have to create an account and open a "session". In some areas, you may be automatically disconnected after a while and you will have to re-connect to your account and open a new session.

The speed is usually good enough to get instant messages, but making a phone call or video call using free communication apps can be a struggle. 

There will be signs to identify a "free-wifi zone" - see the photo above.

insidr smartphone


Another option to stay connected without the hassle or looking everywhere for WiFi or buying data over and over is to rent a cell phone. Here at INSIDR we equip travelers with an all inclusive cellphone which has unlimited data, calls, texts all over Paris, France and even Europe! Our devices are high-end smartphones which work as a WiFi hotspot - get one phone and share it with all the family!! Are you ready for unlimited high-speed 4G data in 42 countries from 5€/day? If you want to learn about our award-winning service check this out.