The Hood café, a new INSIDR favourite, is on the one hand evocative of Central Perk from the infamous Friends series; kooky, chilled-out yet friendly, the perfect jamming spot, and serves a reliably good coffee. But this gem, nestled away in the 11th arrondissement is also very unique, and with it's delicious breakfast and lunch menu as well as it's numerous fun activities and bundles of positive energy, this café should be top of the to-go-to list for any Paris dweller or visitor. 


Khan-Ly food The Hood

Set up by the terrific trio, Pearl, Vanessa and Jeremy, The Hood is located in the bustling 11th arrondissement, where you’ll sense the communal atmosphere as soon as you have stepped through the front door. Dotted with mishmash tables and chairs, you’ll see groups of people chatting, working or playing the piano or guitar.

To fuel the positive vibes, The Hood serves up some great food and drinks. If coffee is what you’re after, you won’t be disappointed by Geraldine and Iman’s barista skills. Your coffee can be accompanied by a section of baked goods lovingly prepared by Alex from Doughmade (who genuinely makes the best cinnamon buns available in Paris). If you are wanting something a little more hearty, Khanh Ly is the very talented young chef behind an ingenious menu which combines Asian and Indian favours to European dishes; they are colourful, unique and most importantly- incredibly tasty. 

The Hood aims to use it’s four walls to their absolute potential to create an atmosphere focused on community. Every week The Hood hosts jamming sessions for anyone with a good set of pipes or with some musical ability to go and serenade the other café goers. Alternatively, you can enjoy one of their live lounges with local musicians, or even partake in one of their many ateliers, such as a coffee brewing class. 

The Hood coffee

INSIDR highly recommends a trip to the Hood, where you might even get the chance to hear a rendition of ‘Smelly Cat’ sung by the The Hood team- you may just have to go there to get the reference! 

80 rue Jean Pierre Timbaud
75011 Paris

Monday- Friday:  8am — 7pm
Saturday- Sunday: 10am — 7pm

Check out their website or Facebook page for more information about their upcoming events



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