For this week’s Parisians’ Paris, Maya and Yukiko, the talented ladies behind the exciting collaborative project, “Paris Cafés from A to Z”,  are imparting their top coups de coeur of Paris, so you can discover the City of Lights through the eyes of these local experts.   


Paris Café A to Z Maya and Yukiko

Maya, a Paris-based blogger and Yukiko, a talented illustrator, have collaborated to create a beautiful themed guidebook for the crème de la crème of Parisian cafés, for every letter of the alphabet. 

The ingenious idea behind this project began as Yukiko’s homework assignment, who is currently studying at Ecole de Condé in Paris, but quickly evolved when she joined forces with fellow coffee lover, Maya. The pair set about curating a handbook which showcases a diverse collection of cafés in Paris, starting at A, right through to Z. For each café featured, there is a useful description as well as a beautiful illustration, designed by Yukiko. 

This booklet is the perfect gift for any Paris lover, coffee fanatic, or simply anyone who wants to add a very aesthetically pleasing guide to their collection. 

You can get hold of a “Paris Cafés from A to Z” in a number of Paris cafés including Artèfact, Pelton café and Wild and the Moon, or on Maya's blog 


Read on to discover what Yukiko and Maya love best in the city they call home…

Favorite café:

Y: I like Artéfact and the way they combine visual arts with the art of tea making. There is a friendly, calm atmosphere, so I enjoy working there, or sitting with a good book whilst I enjoy their delicious selection of tea!

You can read more about Artèfact here

M: It’s so hard to choose!
I think I will go for my friendly local café, Melali in the 18th. Their coffee is great, and I love the stripped back, rustic decor. I often pop in for a coffee in the morning!


Favorite arrondissement: 

Y: The Marais!

M: Belleville, Canal st Martin, or Montmartre


Favourite view of Paris:

Y: The view from the top of the Centre Pompidou is pretty spectacular, but also just wondering the small streets of the Marais!

M: Parc de Belleville, it’s often relatively quiet as it’s not at all touristy, so you will only find locals there. The sunset from the top is beautiful! 


Favourite chill out spot: 

Y: Parc de Vésinet 

M: Chez moi! (great answer Maya)

Favorite restaurant:

Y: I like Season because their European recipes have Asian inspired flavours, creating really interesting dishes. All there food uses good quality, bio ingredients which a big plus! 

M: Again so hard to choose! It depends what i’m looking for. 

If I’m looking for traditional French cuisine, I go to Le Bouillon Chartier. The decor immediately takes you to Fin de Siècle Paris and the price is very reasonable. 

Holybelly is my number one spot for brunch! 

My favourite street food place is Monthai 

And finally, for my healthy option, I would have to go for Wild and the Moon



Favourite touristy activity:

Y: The terrace of Galeries Lafayette, the view is amazing, and it’s completely free!

M: winding around the roads of Montmartre and seeing the view from the top of the stairs by the Sacre Coeur. 



Favourite place to have just opened:

Y: Les 2 au Coin, it’s a cosy café inside a florist so you are surrounded by beautiful flowers as you enjoy a bite to eat!

 M: Sunset, their brunch menu is delicious, particularly their pancakes!

I also love The Hood. A café in the 11th with a delicious menu and plenty of working space.




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