Maya, the blogger behind La Vie Locale is INSIDR's guest writer for a couple of weeks, in this article she shares some of the most Instagram worthy views in Paris: 

Paris is one of the best  backdrops for beautiful scenery, and postcard images of narrow paved streets, colorful doors, Haussmann buildings, and overall Parisian charm. You can never run out of new paths, and perspectives to see the city from.  As much as it’s nice to take in mental pictures of Paris’ beauty while living in the moment, who are we fooling. Everyone wants to find those picture perfect places to get a canon image of Paris. So here is a La Vie Locale’s curated list of Top 10: Instagram worthy views of Paris (not listed in any particular order of preference).


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 credit photo  © Fallingoffbicylces

credit photo ©Fallingoffbicylces

You can have Gargoyle views of Paris’ landscape from the top of Notre Dame’s towers. When you’re facing the church, there is an entrance on the left side to access the towers.

Price: 10€ ( Free if your less than 26 years old)


2. Sacré-Cœur Dôme

 credit photo  © lavielocale

credit photo ©lavielocale

This is the most rewarding view you will get in Paris. The entrance to access the dome of the Sacré-Cœur is on the left hand side of the church. After hiking up 300 narrow steps (no elevator), you reach the top and you’re greeted by 360° views like this.

Price: 6€

3. Galeries Lafayette Terrace

 credit photo  © Galeries Lafayette

credit photo ©Galeries Lafayette


Galeries Lafayette department store has a beautiful terrace, that is open to the public, free of charge. Arrive just before the sun goes down for beautiful sunset views. They also have a bar and restaurant that is open when the weather permits.

Price: FREE

4. Parc de Belleville

  credit photo   ©  LaVieLocale

credit photo ©LaVieLocale

This is an awesome place that is crowd free and a calm place to enjoy a view overlooking Paris.

Price: FREE

5. Centre Pompidou

Centre Pompidou views

If you enter the Centre Pompidou Museum, ask where the George restaurant is. The restaurant in itself is super pricey, but you can access the views without eating in the restaurant which are priceless.

Price: FREE

6. Montparnasse Observation Tower

  credit photo   ©  LaVieLocale

credit photo ©LaVieLocale

Last year I had the chance to visit the Montparnasse tower with other photographers in Paris during an Instagram meet up. We arrived right before sunset, check out the view all the way up from the 56th floor (highest building in Paris).

Price: 15€ during the day and a night ticket for 20€

7. Ballon de Paris

  credit photo   ©  Le Ballon de Paris

credit photo ©Le Ballon de Paris

If you are looking to see an unique view of Paris, visit the Paris Ballon, it floats 150 meters up in the air, and you have a flying view of Paris.

Price: 12€

8. Terrass Hotel

  credit photo   ©  Terrass hotel

credit photo ©Terrass hotel

The rooftop terrace of this boutique hotel is open to the public for their restaurant (reservation only) and bar.  All glass windows + a panoramic view of Paris = pure bliss.

Price: FREE to enter (restaurant or bar consummation)

9. Arc de Triomphe

  credit photo   ©  LaVieLocale

credit photo ©LaVieLocale

This is a great place to see the perfectly lined boulevards. Great views at night when Paris is all lit up. You have to walk up 234 steps and you can see for miles.

Price: 12€ (Free with Paris Pass and free for students)

10. Le Perchoir

  credit photo   ©  LePerchoir

credit photo ©LePerchoir

You have your choice between three locations all with different views of the city. There is the Perchoir Marais,  with views of the Eiffel, la Seine and Notre Dame. Perchoir near Ménilmontant with views of Parisian rooftops. And you also have the choice of newest Perchoir Gare de l’est that opened Summer 2016. The view isn’t from that high up, but you have a nice view of the boulevards of Paris from the top of Gare de L’Est train station.


NOTE: The biggest challenge with going to any of these places is, the lines are super long.  You have to get there right when they open to lock in spot.

Here are a few bonuses:

Seine River Cruise

  credit photo   ©  LaVieLocale

credit photo ©LaVieLocale

All of the previous views are from high perspectives. If you want to see Paris from a different perspective, the Seine river cruise is a good occasion to see the city from the water.

Musée d’Orsay

  credit photo   © Richard Davis Photography

credit photo ©Richard Davis Photography

The large clock at Musée d’Orsay is a very popular photo spot while visiting the museum.

Musée de l’homme

  credit photo   © lucacannet

credit photo ©lucacannet

Located right next Trocadero, this museum may be a little easy to miss, as crowds are flocking to take pictures of the Eiffel tower. If you want a two-in-one experience, take a visit of this museum which is dedicated to discovering the human species, and take in a great view at the museum’s restaurant (killer view that overlooks the Eiffel Tower-no lines, no crowds).


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