The Franco-British dream team behind Le Bal and Ten Belles; Alice Quillet, Anselme Blayney and Anna Trattles, have very recently opened Ten Belles Bread, their third café located in the trendy 11th arrondissement. The latest instalment in their epic café trilogy is an wonderful mélange between a boulangerie, food lab and coffee bar.


The trio are certainly no creatures of habit. If you have had the good fortune of visiting both Le Bal and Ten Belles, you will notice their distinct differences; Le Bal is hidden down an impasse in the 18th arrondissement, serves a British inspired menu and has a modern, clean cut vibe. Ten Belles, on the other hand, is a cutesy, vibrant café located by the canal, serving hearty salads and freshly baked goods. Ten Belles Bread is different again. Located in a corporate cove of an otherwise off-the-wall, fun 11th district, Ten Belles Bread is a vast space, opening out onto a terrace, with a stripped back, modern feel and where the focus is on bread and coffee.  Three uniquely different cafés, but all with the same common foodie link; great food, freshly made, on site, Ten Belles Bread is no exception.

Ten Belles Bread

First, coffee. Ten Belles Bread, like their other addresses serves and sells the Belleville brûlerie coffee, the local micro-roaster, that Anselme, the coffee-expert of the team, was instrumental in setting up back in September 2013. Alice and Anna are the masters of the kitchen, making freshly baked bread in the kitchen which you have full view of from the café, so you not only get to smell the delicious baked goods, but you get to see them being made in front of you, quite literally fresh out of the oven. Whilst serving the traditional French classics; brioche, quiches, baguettes… the ladies have not excluded the delicious varieties of baked breads and cakes that our other European neighbours have given us; so you will find a moreish focaccia and classic scones on the menu too! 


Ten Belles Bread


17-19 bis rue Bréguet
Summer hours: Monday- Friday: 9am- 6pm