A guided walking tour is one of the best ways to discover Paris’ historical relics and monuments, treasures, secret nooks and crannies and bizarre legends. As a teaser to INSIDR's new guided walks feature, we are giving all you lucky Paris explorers access to our Saint-Germain walk! Read on to find out more! 


INSIDR’s new paperless guided walks feature, recently launched on all INSIDR smartphones, will take exploring the city to a whole new level. The best bit? They are You can use our guided tours whenever you wish, with just a couple of quick clicks.

INSIDR has created 10 walks, lasting around 2 hours, guiding you around some of the most beautiful and fascinating areas in Paris including; the Marais, Montmartre, Saint-Germain, as well as themed walks for kids and a walk to discover the surreptitious world of Parisian street art!

Each walk lasts around 2 hours, taking you from a fun starting point to explore the whole neighbourhood; from the top sights to the remote passages, passing by historical monuments, unusual architectural features and our favourite cafés and restaurant, all accompanied by funny anecdotes and interesting facts!


***** GIVE AWAY *****


We are giving all non-INSIDR users the chance to try out our guided tours feature with a link to a free guided Saint-Germain walk for you to use from your own phone!

This walk will take you for a wander around the Paris of the intellectuals, to where the great philosophers and writers lived in France's throughout Paris' rich history. You will go where Voltaire wrote his most famous novels, where Sartre pondered the meaning of life and where Hemingway wandered the Parisian streets. But just like any serious intellectual, none of them thought without a good coffee, so following in the footsteps of the great thinkers, this walk will take you to some great spots to eat as well as think!




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