Paris is a hub of creativity; from historic artworks hanging in museums and galleries known worldwide, to vibrant graffiti murals sprayed surreptitiously onto walls, to independent designers working in their Parisian studios; creativity lines our streets. Whilst the textbook art masterpieces found on the well trodden tourist path are not hard to come by, the undercurrent art and craft community composed of independent artists, designers and collectors is hard enough to discover, let alone participate in as a newbie to the city. It is for this very reason INSIDR loves Klin d'oeil, a portal into this arty world that we encourage you to enter into.


With its buttercup yellow facade, Klin d'oeil is a literal ray of sunshine beckoning you to enter and discover its handpicked range of handcrafted goods; from unusual and delicate handmade jewelry, to hand knitted toys for kids, to quirky ceramic crockery, each object has a story behind it of an independent creator passionate about what they produce. The dynamic duo behind this super selection, and the masterminds behind Klin d'oeil are sisters Virginie and Emilie who, sharing an ambitious creative vision, embarked on the project of opening their own store six months ago.

klin d'oeil carreau du temple boutique

Klin d'oeil is more than just a store where you can find unique handcrafted objects, it's a creative space to visit, learn and exchange artistic skills. Walk through the main boutique and you will find a spacious room with a large table accompanied by a mishmash of chairs, this is their art workshop space. The periodical workshops organized by Klin d'oeil invite local artists and creators who are experts in their field to share their skills with you. It is the perfect opportunity to learn how to knit that scarf you have always wanted, make impressive origami bunting for your flat, create a blooming bouquet for a friend, Klin d'oeil encourages your creative juices to get a flowin'. All workshops are advertised on their website and Facebook page. Places are limited, so get signed up quick!

Virginie and Emilie have extended the Klin d'oeil enterprise beyond their sunny shop in the trendy 11th arrondissement, to open a number of pop up stores at French festivals, including Pitchfork festival, Trabendo and Carreau du temple, so keep an eye out for their logo (literally, it's eye-mazing) when you're out and about, or take a trip to their store for an authentic arty experience.




KLIN D'oeil
6 rue Deguerry 75011
Open Monday- Saturday 11am- 7pm








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