1.    Never watch a football match by yourself. If you lost your friends or simple prefer to enjoy the EURO on your own, go to a bar rather than a fan zone to watch the match : the atmosphere will be much more friendly.

2.    Be careful on the fan zones. Even if everybody is here to celebrate, a missing phone can ruin the party so pack light and don’t bring high-valued objects.


3.    Watch the opening hours of the Eiffel Tower fan zone : it might be closed when a game is being played in Paris. Go to a bar instead of missing the chance to have a great evening.



4.    Download « Où faire pipi à Paris ? » app. After a few beers, toilets become a coveted place : here are 200 places in Paris ranked by hygiene, areas or even comfort !

5.    Alcohol is prohibited in stadiums in France, if you want a beer brave yourself because you will have to queue for a long time. Instead, enjoy your time before the match and celebrate with your friends.




6.    Follow the Parisians. Avoid cafes and restaurants in touristy place where most of the people don’t speak French, it might be a trap.

7.    Enjoy Paris ! A lot of people are coming for the EURO, plan your day ahead and try to visit places in the morning. Secret tip : a fresh church could be a brilliant idea for getting away from the heat (and the hungover ?).



8.    Keep updated to use your money more wisely. A lot of free events are gonna take place in the city and even some museums can be free, it is the perfect way to save money and to discover the city ! 


9.    Walk instead of taking the tube. Of course, tube can be faster and less tiring but it will be quickly overcrowded, and just FYI the Parisian metro is not air-conditioned. So walk, enjoy the Seine breeze and even take a Velib’ to ride along the Seine !


10.    Order your Insidr phone. From 6€ a day, you will have all our selected places to have a low-budget but cheerful EURO 2016. In addition, you will stay connected and will be able to show to all your friends the blast you are having in Paris !