INSIDR was introduced to Lionel during our trip to Terres de café (read about here). He is the right hand man and business partner to Christophe Servell, as well as an avid wine and coffee connoisseur. Here are some of Lionel’s top Paris addresses that he has kindly shared with INSIDR…




My current firm favourite is Dilia, situated next to L’Eglise Ménilmontant. Michèle Farnesi is the head chef, a young Italian chef who has exceptional taste in gourmet cuisine. You can choose between their 4 or 6 service menu.


Chill-out spot

I love la rue des Lombards because of all the jazz bars you find there. Paris has a very dynamic jazz scene which attracts renowned musicians from all around the world that you can watch in intimate settings. I would particularly recommend Le Duc des Lombards, le Sunset Sunside and Le Baiser Salé.


Just opened

Recently I have been enjoying the Canal de L’Ourcq and the new places that can be found there, it has a relaxed atmosphere, quite different to that of the historical neighbourhoods of Paris!



The Sacré-Coeur of course! The Eiffel Tower also has an incredible panoramic view. But the winner for me is the view of île St Louis, Notre Dame, La seine… that you get from the Tour d’Argent restaurant, it’s stunning.


Tourist activity

If I was a tourist, I would go everywhere on foot! I really enjoy visiting the historical neighbourhoods such as Le Marais, St Paul and Ile Saint-Louis. Otherwise, if I’m in the Opéra area, I like to visit La Société Génerale central bank which was built in 1864 in a striking Art Nouveau style. It's still is a working bank, so as long as you're discreet, you can wonder around inside.