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Hidden amongst high-street shops and crowds of keen shoppers that strewn Rue de Rivoli is an unsuspecting art gallery like no other, open to you, the privileged public, for free.

Originally squatted by artists back in the 90’s, 59 Rivoli has since become the legitimate studio for over thirty artists occupying its 6 floors, whilst still retaining it’s slightly off-beat, unconventional vibe. Unlike a normal gallery where you only get a glimpse of the artist’s final piece, at 59 Rivoli you have the chance to enter into the artist’s universe, seeing the creative process happening live!  Start at the ground floor which showcases a new exhibition every 2 weeks, then work your way up the colourful graffitied staircase wondering in and out numerous artists studio’s at your leisure where you can stop and have a chat with the artists themselves and fully immerse yourself in the creative vibe! To top off your arty fix, check out their free concerts that take place on Saturdays and Sundays, starting at 6pm.

Who would love it? Art lovers, curious shoppers on Rue de Rivoli

What’s there? Art gallery, artist’s studio’s belonging to 30 artists that you can visit, weekend evening gigs

INSIDR loves… The graffitied staircase, the artist’s studios where you can stop and chat to the artists.

59 Rivoli - 59 rue de Rivoli

Open everyday except Mondays from 1- 8pm

Admission is free, but you can leave a donation at the entrance

See their website or Facebook page for further details 



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