There is something very exciting about coming across a secret hidden bar in a busy city, chock-a-block with cafés, brasseries, restaurants at every corner. Paris has a number of innovative hidden bars, disguised as laveries, pizzerias, apartment buildings which the locals like to keep secret. Read on to discover some of INSDIR’s top picks, but shhhhhh don’t tell anyone…



This hidden cocktail bar is located in a lively Mexican taqueria. Push open the unmarked door at the back and enter into this shabby chic hip hangout. This world class cocktail bar specialises in agave spirits and serves fun, unexpected concoctions prepared by real experts. 

Photo credit: Candelaria Facebook

52 Rue de Saintonge, 3rd arrondissement, Open daily 6pm- 2am 

Check out their website for more information



This bar has mastered the art of disguise. In true speakeasy style, the Moonshiner is well hidden at the back of a bustling pizzeria (which is worth a trip in itself). Push open the enormous metal door opposite the entrance, which will lead you into a store cupboard looking room, then pull the handle of the next door and step back into the prohibition era with this 920’s, art deco delight. The cocktail menu is innovative and always changing so you can try something new each time you sneak in!

 Photo credit: Moonshiner  Facebook

Photo credit: Moonshiner Facebook

Moonshiner, 5 Rue Sedaine, 11th arrondissement, Open daily 6pm- 2am 

Check out their Facebook page for more information 


It may feel a little counter-intuitive to step into a laundromat on a Saturday evening for a cocktail, but it’s worth the peculiarity as you push open the hidden door in the laundrette (hint: look behind the washing machines), spiral up the small staircase to the third floor of an apartment building where you will be welcomed by this warm, colourful bar. It’s decorated with bright pop art style sofas, as well as some fun little swings in the back room. The cocktails are pricey, but tasty with fun concoctions for you to enjoy in this secret cheerful hangout. 

Photo credit: Lavomatic

30 rue René Boulanger, 10th arrondissement, Open Tuesday- Saturday: 6pm- 2am 

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This quirky bar is a master in the arts of cocktail mixing. Hidden in the back of the popular Italian restaurant, Darocco, it’s charm and elegance is undeniable, a trait which spills onto their cocktail menu. They mix unusual ingredients successfully such as Pandan syrup, soy sauce, Japanese seaweed bitters, with an impressive selection of carefully selected spirits, so you can be sure that you are testing something truly original!

 Photo credit: Danico

Photo credit: Danico

6 Rue Vivienne, 2nd arrondissement, Open daily 6pm-2am 

Check out their Facebook page for more information


This Indian- themed cocktail bar is disguised as a vintage train carriage. Even the interior is designed to make you feel like you are taking a luxury train trip to the countryside, with fancy leather benches and ‘windows’ which are actually screens on the wall depicting scenes of the rolling countryside. The prices are expensive, but the cocktail menu brings something unique with it’s Indian inspired ingredients which are added to their concoctions. 

Photo credit: Baranaan

7 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 10th arrondissement, Open Tuesday- Sunday: 6:30pm- 2am. 

Check their website for more information 



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