Secrets of Paris recommends INSIDR

INSIDR is proud to announce that Secrets of Paris recommends our service! 


Secrets of Paris is a website lead by true Paris expert Heather Stimmler-Hall since 1999 and her team of professional journalists who share tips all about Paris in order to help other English-speaking visitors make the most of their trip to the French capital. 

Secrets of Paris notes not only the uniqueness of INSIDR's service, but also the excellent value of the service. They write: "INSIDR solves the main problems travelers encounter when visiting the French capital. With INSIDR, there'll be no more hunting for a local SIM-card or WiFi network, no more endless waiting in lines surrounded by tourists, no more complicated printed maps and outdated guide books, no more tourist scams, and most importantly, travelers can expect an authentic (rather than mass-tourism) Paris experience." 

Secrets of Paris recommends INSIDR

Secrets of Paris has worked with INSIDR Paris since its launch in 2015, recommending the service to all of their tour clients. They claim: "We haven't found any other local business offering the same innovative product and dedication to quality at such a great price!"

We couldn't be happier to be featured, recommended and supported by Secrets of Paris. They believe in and accurately understand the customer-driven philosophy behind the INSIDR service and we couldn't be more honored! 

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