A walking tour is one of the best ways to discover Paris’ historical relics and monuments, treasures, secret nooks and crannies and bizarre legends.

INSIDR’s new guided walks feature, recently launched on all INSIDR smartphones, will take exploring the city to a whole new level. The best bit? You can use our guided tours whenever you wish, with just a couple of quick clicks. So whether you want a walk at sunset in Montmartre or a Sunday morning wander through the Marais, the INSIDR phone gives you the freedom to choose.

INSIDR has created 10 walks, guiding you around some of the most beautiful and fascinating areas in Paris including; the Marais, Montmartre, Saint-Germain, the canal as well as themed walks including a walk especially for kids and a walk to discover the surreptitious world of Parisian street art.

Each walk lasts around 2 hours and are full of historical monuments, unusual architectural features, funny anecdotes of the passing landmarks, our favourite cafés and restaurants and other noteworthy spots that would go unnoticed to the INSIDR-less pedestrian! 

guided walks INSIDR

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