Glamour magazine talks about INSIDR

For their July edition, INSIDR was featured in the 'Initiative of the Month' column in the acclaimed women's magazine, Glamour!

We’re delighted that Glamour took an interest in INSIDR’s journey, from starting as Ben and Nina Forlani's pipe dream to enhance the tourist experience for Paris bound travelers, to setting up a successful startup that delivers that vision!

Glamour's article delves into Nina and Ben's realisation that travelers need, not only connectivity when they are travelling abroad, but are searching for an authentic experience when visiting a country, to live like a local. As seasoned travelers themselves and experienced AirBnB hosts, Ben and Nina developed the INSIDR phone to address these issues, creating the perfect pocket-sized digital guide.  

INSIDR's smartphone allows you, not only to remain fully connected during your visit to Paris, so you don't have to worry about expensive roaming fees, but it also acts as a one-of-a-kind digital guide. Our customised maps with curated recommendations allows all INSIDR travelers to search by area and profile to discover the best spots Paris has to offer. Whatsmore, our online community of local Parisians are also on hand to reply to any question our travelers may have real-time. You can also use our guided walks to discover the most beautiful and fascinating areas with just one click!