Everyday Parisian recommends INSIDR! 

 Photo credit:  Everyday Parisian

Photo credit: Everyday Parisian

American former Parisian expat Rebecca Plotnick started her blog Everyday Parisian in hopes of sharing with readers some of her favorite tips and spots in the city. Everyday Parisian loves the concierge service that comes with the INSIDR smartphone. While in new neighborhoods of Paris, Everyday Parisian texted the INSIDR team with messages asking for lunch recommendations and reservations, and the team consistently delivered! Everyday Parisian also loved the maps on the smartphone, and how they really enable you to discover a new area while trying non-touristy restaurants or activities. 

When Everyday Parisian describes her arrival in Paris and search for connectivity, she claims: 

"I actually found something way easier than searching for a SIM card in Paris and that would be INSIDR Paris." - Everyday Parisian

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Thank you for using our service Everyday Parisian, and for caring about non-touristy local restaurants as much as we do! We hope we can help more expats in Paris make dinner reservations, explore neighborhoods and experience the real Paris. 

Rebecca has many talents and she regularly print her stunning photos shoot in Paris. You can find them on her Etsy shop. And for more tips to prepare for a unique Parisian adventure follow her on her FB and instagram! Follow daily inspiration don't miss her beautiful pinterest.