INSIDR is proud to announce that Travel + Leisure Magazine has just talked about us! 

To Travel + Leisure Magazine, the INSIDR smartphone and the "personal concierge" are the must-have for travellers visiting Paris!

INSIDR's connectivity on calls and data, Paris-specific features, walks and dining guides, English speaking Parisians and the maps app are delightfully mentioned, they are also impressed by the phone's feature enabling travellers to book different activities and unique experiences, such as a cheese tasting or private yoga lessons.

Travel + Leisure Magazine also shared the satisfaction of a Food & Beverage industry leader Zach Scott who used INSIDR's services! “We relied on the concierge service to make restaurant reservations for us almost every day because it’s a hard thing to do if you don’t speak French,” Scott told Travel + Leisure. Thanks to INSIDR's dedicated services, Scott was able to save time on researching adventurous activities to do in Paris! 

Thank you Travel + Leisure Magazine for featuring INSIDR and for acknowledging the perks of using INSIDR smartphone during the trip!