My Parisian Life recommends INSIDR, and we couldn't be happier! 


My Parisian Life is another "insider" in the Paris community, offering tips and recommendations to travelers from their similar insider perspective. My Parisian Life reviewed our service on their blog, and wrote: 

"What I love about the INSIDR team is that they are a really young dedicated start up about changing the way people travel and the way people experience new cities like Paris. I’m so happy to be one of their group of friends and to share the service with you guys if you’re coming to Paris I can highly recommended it!"

- My Parisian Life 

 Photo credit:  My Parisian Life

Photo credit: My Parisian Life

This review from another Parisian insider validates the authenticity of our service and tips. My Parisian Life also notes the benefit of the What's App chat with locals, which enables our beloved travelers to get instantaneous information about any problem or question while traveling.

Thank you for the review, My Parisian Life! We are so happy to be on your side, improving the daily tourist's experience in Paris. 

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