At INSIDR, we love to surround ourselves with real Paris experts! We have already introduced unique features such as the Paris experts map onto all of our INSIDR phones.

When we met Maya at Artéfact, our favourite café in town and owned by the wonderful Kayleigh, she was releasing her Paris Café A to Z guide. Maya, the wonderful Parisian blogger told us all about her A to Z guide and gave us all her favourite places in our article Parisian's Paris. Living as a local in Paris, she offers more authentic Paris suggestions on what to see and to do as well as offering tips to those settling in Paris. You can find out more about Maya the Paris blogger here on her website.

We are incredibly happy to announce that we will be hosting Maya as a guest writer in our Paris Tips Blog! Where she will be sharing her best instragrammable view of Paris and some of her best food tips. Maya will offer you unique things to see and do, to have a more local experience during your trip! Recently Maya made us the honor to spread the word about INSIDR on LaVieLocale. Discover her article about using INSIDR.

 La Vie Locale - Goodies to discover

La Vie Locale - Goodies to discover



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