Elle Croft

The INSIDR team prides itself on being a digital agony aunt for all questions, queries and quandaries relating to Paris. It was during our agony-aunt duties that we contacted Elle, the lovely blogger behind the fantastic travel blog, A Bird in the Hand to offer her some of our INSIDR knowledge in anticipation for her upcoming Paris trip.

INSIDR knew Elle would be just the type of traveller who would benefit from the INSIDR service, so we asked the travel expert if she would like to trial out our smartphone during her Paris adventure, to which we got an affirmative YES!   

Elle was not disappointed with her experience using INSIDR! She particularly enjoyed the hotspot which our smartphone provides, which allowed her to update her Instagram with shots of her travels, as well as the nifty apps which guided her around the city as if she was a local. Elle also made great use of the Whataspp community, which she used to ask her Paris related questions and got immediate responses from a eager group of 70 local Parisians. 

Elle has written a fantastic blog with all her best tips of how to experience Paris like a local, which kindly features INSIDR! Give it a read!