The Guardian has published a fantastic article, both in their paper and online issues, about the best apps and websites to use to find tours with locals whilst travelling in Europe. We’re thrilled that INSIDR was selected as their recommendation for Paris. And here is why…

Thanks to our guided GPS walks feature, exclusively available on INSIDR smartphones, you can enjoy 11 walks, carefully created to guide you around the most beautiful and fascinating areas of Paris. As the walks are all digitalized, you have the complete freedom to explore Paris whenever you wish! So whether you want a sunset guided walk of Montmartre, or a Sunday morning wander through the Marais, the INSIDR phone is your pocket-size guide companion.

Moreover, our community of 70 local Parisians who are on hand to give advice and recommendations, as well as our daily message with the weather forecast, updates on transport, and suggestions for activities that day, ensure that when you are travelling to Paris, you do so like a local!

The Guardians article