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INSIDR is working hard to expand our service beyond the English speaking world, with the goal of making our service accessible to travelers coming from all over the world. As part of this initiative, we have sought the expert advice of Asian bloggers living in Paris to test run our service to provide invaluable insight into how we can perfectly cater our smartphones for an Asian traveler. One such individual is Peggy, a Taiwanese blogger, who tried, tested… and loved the INSIDR service.

Peggy arrived in France for the first time in the late 1990s to embark on a PhD, but after falling well and truly under Paris’ charm, she decided to stay and documented her Paris adventures in her blog. Peggy specialises in sociology, and takes particular interest in studying the differences between Taiwanese and French cultures, so she was the perfect person to give us some great advice on how we can create the perfect travel companion for the Paris bound traveler from Asia.

INSIDR phone Peggy bloggeuse

Peggy kindly wrote a blogpost on her experience using the INSIDR smartphone (in Chinese). She made a note of detailing all the INSIDR features which she loved using, including the community, maps and walks. Peggy also talks about the practicality of having access to the internet wherever you go via our phone as well as a cheaper alternative to buying a temporary SIM card.  

For all the Mandarin speakers out there, check out Peggy’s blog, for the rest of you, you can take INSIDR’s word that Peggy is a fan of INSIDR!