The INSIDR smartphone is the perfect portal into the Parisians’ Paris. Thanks to our community of Parisian Insiders, as well as our customised maps, you can live Paris through the eyes of the locals. But now, with INSIDR’s newly released Paris Expert feature, you can effortlessly experience Paris like a Parisian blogger, the true experts for discovering the hidden gems this city has to offer!

INSIDR asked local Parisian bloggers, who have made discovering Paris their forte, to divulge their favourite spots of the city. With their excellent expertise, we created a customised map, pinpointing their handpicked restaurants, cocktail bars, parks, galleries and much more, that you can access on our INSIDR phones with just one click.

We already think that’s pretty neat, but what’s more, is that each blogger specialises in discovering a particular part of Paris, so whether you are looking for an expert in Romantic Paris or a coffee specialist, our map has you covered.

Here is a little introduction to the lovely bloggers who feature in our new Paris Expert map;

Romantic Paris expert

Lily blogger

Lily's blog, Je t’aime me neither shares unique date ideas and features romantic offbeat spots of the city, so even the first-timer to Paris can become the most well informed Casanova. Lily shares her all-time favorite romantic spots in Paris with INSIDR on our Paris Expert map.




Rive Gauche & coffee Expert

Patricia Parisienne

Patricia, the cool Californian expat has been documenting her Paris adventure through her blog since 2012. As a true Left Bank know-it-all and avid coffee fan, Patricia has shared her expertise with us so you will never be in want of something fun to do in Saint-Germain or at a loss of where to get a good coffee.




Pastries and coffee Paris Expert

blogger paris tips

Lindsey is two things; a Paris expert and a sweet tooth. Luckily for us, that means she has scouted out some of the best addresses to find delicious sweet treats in Paris, as well as some top coffee shops for you to round off a trip to Paris’ top pâtisseries, discover both in our customised map. 






Neobistro and up & coming Paris Expert

my Parisian life

Yanique is the true go-to-gal for all things up-and-coming in the City of Lights. Paris is an ever changing city, but with Yanique's expert advice, you will be pointed in the right direction for all the trendiest restaurants, cafés and shops in Paris at the moment.





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