Sherel is no stranger to travel, she has built a colourful career writing about all things travel related for renowned publications including USA today, Dreamscapes, and Canada Travel Guides, to name but a few. Her experience as a seasoned travel writer has given her an incredibly sharp eye for what services do, and indeed do not enhance the travelling experience for tourists, and we are very happy to say Sherel has placed INSIDR in the former category!

Sherel and her husband John, who is also a travel expert and talented photographer, used INSDIR during their trip to Paris, and we were thrilled to hear their incredibly positive feedback that you can read more about in Sherel’s article . From using it to stay connected during their stay, to a stress-free, easy to carry map, to a travel guide recommending the best spots in the city, Sherel and John made full use of the INSIDR phone which they coined, “the Swiss army knife of travel guides”. The travelling duo also commented on the useful suggestions they received from our community of Parisians who helped them find the best places to dine in Paris.

It was a delight having Sherel and John use our service and we look forward to meeting them again should they return to the City of Lights. 

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