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Jos, the delightful Dutchman behind one of the most popular online travel magazines in the Netherlands, Reishonger, has a life motto: “the world is my playground”. During a recent trip organised by the Paris tourism board and atout France, Jos’ latest playground to explore was Paris, and INSIDR was delighted to be his personal pocket guide to discover all that the Paris playground has to offer.

Montmartre Paris Jos blog tips

Jos, along with fellow travel bloggers Leoni Goudkuil and the Verbon sisters, began their day on the sunny rooftop terrace of Brasserie Barbés where they met members of the INSIDR team who gave them a demo of the Smartphone and set them on their way for a day of adventures, which included a boat trip on the Canal and a delicious meal organised by Vizeat in the home of a Parisian, who conveniently has a terrace with a spectacular view of the Sacre Coeur!

Jos was particularly enthusiastic about having internet connection throughout his visit and a means of navigating the city with a simple click. He also loved the community chat on the phone which gave him access to Parisians who gave real time responses all the questions he had.

Check out Reishonger to read Jos' article about his adventures in Paris (for the non Dutch speakers among you, pass it through Google translate) as well as the other thrilling articles written by this online travelling community of backpackers, outdoor geeks and adventurers who use this fantastic online magazine as a platform to share their experiences travelling around the world! 

It was great meeting Jos, an individual who shares INSIDR's passion for travel and who loves to share those experiences with a wider travelling community- keep up the great work Jos!