INSIDR had the pleasure of meeting Lillian at a food tasting trip a few months ago (read more about that here!) Lillian is a seasoned traveller- a ‘professional expat’ if you will, and the woman behind The Smalls Abroad, a wonderful blog documenting hers and her husband, David’s exciting travels around the world.

We really enjoyed sharing the INSIDR vision with Lillian, who as an expat living in Paris, both understands the struggles of finding your feet in such an overwhelming city, as well as the joys of discovering and sharing the authentic Parisian experience with others. It was therefore only natural that we put the INSIDR smartphone to a tough test and let Lillian, the travel expert, trial it out for a weekend. Good news: INSIDR passed, with flying colours.

Lillian has written a great article explaining her experience using the INSIDR smartphone that is definitely worth a read, and whilst you’re over there, give her other articles a read- she shares some great advice on the Paris section of her blog. We are thrilled that Lillian particularly enjoyed the community aspect of the INSIDR smartphone, so much so that she requested to join our community of Parisians advising travellers on the best things to do in Paris!

It’s a joy to have received Lillian’s positive feedback and we hope INSIDR will continue to grow and expand, so wherever Lillian moves to in the future, she might be able to check out the INSIDR phone in that city!


Check out Lillian's article on INSIDR: