We are so happy and honoured by ParisAdèle's kind support!

"Although INSIDR offered me their device for a one week free trial, which turned into three weeks, it was merely to test how user friendly it was for a non Parisian but I have to admit, I didn’t want to return it."

Last week, we had a great surprise! Adele from the amazing ParisAdele.com has added INSIDR to her top recommendations for Paris travelers in the Practical Information section of her blog!

Adele is one of our favorite Paris Experts from Brisbane, Australia. We had the delight to meet her last January. She was doing her annual trip to the city of Lights. For the past 6 years, Adele has been spending a month in Paris during Christmas. No need to say that she is a Parisian at heart and knows all the city’s secrets!

In her amazing blog, she writes about all her Parisian adventures giving great insights, practical tips, and sharing her stunning pictures. She has a great Paris Secrets’ section that makes you want to close your laptop and go wander the streets of the city!

We got in touch with Adele last winter, because we wanted her to test the INSIDR service in order to receive her expert & honest feedback. She used it for about 3 weeks, and her feedback was amazing. She gave us great ideas to improve the product features for Paris expert travelers.

We feel really blessed to have the chance to meet and collaborate with such a wonderful woman. We were very impressed by her knowledge of the city. And we are looking forward to welcoming Adele again when she comes back to Paris next Winter!

Read Adèle’s article here