We are so grateful to Grace who tells her personal story about INSIDR in her blog!

"INSIDR Paris is one brilliant invention,
coming from a brilliant idea of two Parisian
sister and brother, Nina and Benjamin. 
By combining network, maps, research, 
local tourist guide and countless useful datas
together in a smartphone, and here it comes
the digital tourism service on your hand."

Grace "A City Trotter in France" is a lovely Taiwanese blogger, France lover, and INSIDR smart traveler. Grace has been living in France with her very kind husband for several years now, and is eager to share her personal tips on how to travel in the country from a Taiwanese standpoint. Tons of useful first-hand advice for prospective Asian travelers on how to best experience France. Grace has actually been living in various cities in the country, from Lille (that she now calls her hometown!), to Nice all the way South. She also shares a deep knowledge of Paris and all its secret local spots.

Grace had the opportunity to test the INSIDR service first-hand when she came to Paris a few weeks ago. We were amazed by her in-depth feedback on how to further enrich our recommendations, and on how to tailor the service to make it most useful to Taiwanese travelers. Her detailed review of the INSIDR service, and genuine recommendation on her great Blog is a great testimony to the potential of the INSIDR service, in particular with Asian travelers. So far, we have been focusing our energy and efforts mainly towards Western customers. Nevertheless, thanks to Grace's expert review of our project, we are now also convinced that a lot can be done towards Asia. We are committed to making the travel experience in Paris trouble-free, authentic, and memorable. A huge Thank You to Grace for her kind support in spreading the word about INSIDR.

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