"Cell Phone Service in Paris... I wish we'd had it" 


“A tool like INSIDR and having actual cell phone service in Paris with a collection of helpers at your fingertips would make family travel in one of the coolest cities much easier and less daunting.”
— http://2traveldads.com/2016/03/29/cell-phone-service-paris-wish-wed/
Credit 2traveldads.com

Credit 2traveldads.com

2TravelDads is a family travel blog created by 2 dads eager to share their adventures all around the world with their 2 little children. Chris and Rob tell their traveling experiences with breathtaking pictures, really funny anecdotes as well as practical tips and recommendations for traveling families. Based in the Seattle, they have traveled through Europe, the US, Canada and Mexico with their two little 4 and 1 year old boys.

We have reached out them a few weeks ago, because: 
1-    We really love their website. They provide useful advice and content about authentic travel experience. 
2-    We have been following them for a while, and we had the feeling that INSIDR might be something they’d be interested in.
And guess what! We were right! They loved INSIDR and were eager to collaborate with us.

Credit 2traveldads.com

Credit 2traveldads.com

In his latest post, Rob tells the great story of their last Parisian vacation. Among fun stories full of crepes and wine, Rob explained how their stay would have been easier with INSIDR in their pocket!

Especially for families:
“I know that we’ll have a new-found need for this as the kids grow older and we go to more and more unusual places, or seek our more interesting sights.”


We cannot wait to have them come back to Paris to try INSIDR first hand! 
We’re so happy to have the chance to feature in their amazing website.

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