A huge thank you to Montmartre & Mouffetard Addict for recommending INSIDR!

Indeed, we are happy to announce our collaboration with these two amazing websites. Montmartre Addict & Mouffetard Addict gather information and recommendations about the best places in the Montmartre & Mouffetard neighborhoods.

They highlight everything that is local and non-touristy - small shops, local cafés, restaurants and neighborhood life in general. We are fully aligned with their vision of bringing to the light the best local & authentic places.

Montmartre & Mouffetard Addict will participate in the INSIDR adventure by sharing their best local spots with us via the INSIDR maps. We're really excited about this collaboration! 

More about Montmartre & Mouffetard Addict.

The detailed article can be viewed here