Connect to the real Paris

INSIDR smartphone

• Unlimited calls & 4G data
• Wifi Hotspot for all electronic devices

• Discovery of Parisians’ Paris
• Highlighted recommendations by area and by profile

• Direct access to our community of Parisians happy
  to help out and share their insider perspective
• Emergency Hotline

• Selection of the best travel Apps
• Deals from selected partners

Much more than just a smartphone!

INSIDR Service welcome box
    • Limited edition bag
    • Premium INSIDR box
    • Protective case
    • Seasonal booklet with Paris’ best destinations and deals
    • Stamped postcards, ready to be sent

    How does it work?

    What smart travelers say...

    We finally felt like we were getting to see what everyone refers to as ‘the real Paris’
    — Emily & Matt, Sep 2015
    Super useful and interesting product - Would love to see this come up in other cities!
    — Cassy & Brendan, Oct 2015
    It was the highlight of our trip! It saved us SO much time!
    — Nelson & Pat, Oct 2015
    Was such a huge help to us, as we didn’t realize how difficult it was to find free WiFi in Paris
    — Jim, Oct 2015
    Phenomenal idea and service for international travelers. Insidr made our stay extremely enjoyable
    — Tony, Nov 2015
    INSIDR was the perfect way to discover Paris, without your nose in a guide book
    — Tona & Steve, Dec 2015

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